5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on March 24, 2022

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The week definitely saw some serious push from the Indian government to create a mark on social media. After P. Chidambaram’s hangout, we are going to see Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways, Dr. C.P. Joshi organizing a Google Hangout on making India’s highways safer. AIR India also jumped into the social bandwagon and Planning Commission Of India is going to recruit youth for it’s social media department. The week  gave a chance to review some interesting campaigns for Nestlé Munch, Gossip Girl, Cadbury Silk and Aviva India and a video interview with Himmat Butalia, Marketing Head at Sony PIX.

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And, here are the best 5 curated articles on Indian social media this week:

1. Rise of the Social Media Star: Brands leveraging Bollywood and Cricket celebrities for their brands is a common strategy. Involving their social media power is a new trend that has picked up. Coke initiated this with Salman Khan for its aerated drink Thums Up and later on has been followed by other brands such as Aviva, Cinthol, etc. The article looks at various other brands, star power on social media and why some stars are still missing out from social media. Read the entire story here.

2. Narendra Modi at the India Today Conclave 2013: Social Media Lessons for Brands and Politicians Alike! Social media has empowered the voice of the common man and Narendra Modi is well aware. Talking at the India Today Conclave 2013, Narendra Modi showed India the power of online and how governments should address the consumer problem. Sanjay shared a post on the same, listing how other politicians as well as brand managers and CXOs can use the same and benefit rather than delete any negative comment or feedback that comes about me / my brand / my company / my party. Read the entire story here.

3. India’s politicians going social to woo voters: Shilpa, in her piece at BBC News, talks about the growing developments on social media by the Indian politicians to woo their votes. The article talks about how the Finance Minsiter P. Chidambaram initiated a dialogue with the citizens, Modi’s use of 3D holographic technology to reach out virtually to votes and also discusses about the controversies it has created. All for the elections that is slated next year. Read the entire story here.

4. Content marketing – Brands need to gear up: Windchimes Communications shares a guest post at Exchange4Media about content marketing being the most appealing trend of this year. The article discusses about social media and content marketing trends along with giving some fine examples of brands that are doing it right. Read the entire story here.

5. Adria Richards, PyCon and Think Twice Before Every Tweet: ”With great power comes great responsibility” a phrase given by Spiderman gets a makeover by Karthik in Twitter times - “Think Twice Before Every Tweet.” In his latest post he discusses the controversial issue of Adria Richards, Two more geeks and the PyCon conference. Karthik talks about was there a need to make such a fuss about a tweet and later he talks about other two choices that Adria could have opted for. Read the entire story here.

We hope you enjoy our curated list for this week!

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