5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on March 3, 2022

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March has begun and the past week has been an exciting one in Indian social media. We have witnessed Pepsi India save its reputation yesterday and set an example for good social media. In addition, there was this excellent teaser campaign by Cinthol #InViratsHead, ICICI Pru Life’s #AchcheBande creating buzz for its new TVC, and the news of Evernote planning to launch Evernote Business in India.  Besides, we were fortunate to have an insightful video interview with Samar Singh Shekhawat, SVP, Marketing at United Breweries, who shared the social media strategy, campaigns and the road ahead for Kingfisher.

And, here are the best 5 curated articles from a load of them talking about Indian social media:

1. Have you got your content strategy right: Priyanka, in her article, discusses the content strategy of Indian brands on social media. She further adds that most of the brands take the safe road and share content about either Bollywood or Cricket. To get a better perspective on the same, she curates thoughts from the market leaders and practitioners too. Read the entire story here.

2. Influence & Context: The subject of online influencers has been on Manu’s mind so the latest piece that he shared on his blog revolves around it. Manu begins by sharing his view on a very pertinent question - “Are brands being held at ransom by social media influencers”. He considers that brands are becoming vulnerable but at the same time he thinks brands need to be transparent in communication. Further on, he also shares his thoughts on contextual influence and why brands should start thinking of contextual reach rather than mass reach on social media. Read the entire story here.

3. Learn How Indian Social Media Influencers Get to Drive Cars for Free: Sorav’s article also focuses on influencers but here he shares some amazing stories of influencers who have been leveraged by automobile brands in India for marketing of their products. The article shares some of the stories which could be a great resource to social media marketeers. Read the entire story here.

4. What Brands Ought NOT To Do On Social Media: Hilonee’s article addresses the symbiotic relationship between the two – of how social media is not just a tool of communication but a medium of building a dialogue with consumers and how brands, sometimes tend to wrongly use social media, thus in-turn damaging their reputation. To explore the symbiotic relationship, she shares two scenarios - 1) Applebee and 2) Redbus. Read the entire story here.

5. Why YouTube CMO considers India a unique market: In this post, Amit shares the thought of the chief marketing officer of YouTube, Danielle Tiedt confessing in an exclusive interview, “India is really IT for us at YouTube.” Further the post discusses what makes Danielle think so. While sharing international numbers, she also shares the Indian numbers and thinks that the youth population of India makes it a unique market. Read the entire story here.

We hope you enjoy our curated list for this week!

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