5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

by Prasant Naidu on June 24, 2022

in Insights

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The week has been full of feature announcements from Facebook as well as Twitter. LinkedIn has finally rolled out it’s targeted updates but at the same time is still fighting for the reputation that was sacrificed during the password hack. Back home, the Surf Excel ‘Back to School’ campaign and Zomato adding a social layer were some exciting news that we covered. Besides that it was great fun reviewing  an awesome social media intelligence product, Webfluenz. And with all this, we came across some exciting articles that would be a good read for you.

1. 5 ways to engage India’s fast growing online customer base: In this guest post at Forbes, Rishi Malhotra, President and COO of Saavn, a South Asian online music service, shares 5 ways in which brands can reach and engage the online Indian crowd. Right from respecting your fans to using social media to build brand loyalty and turning your audience into business partners, the article shapes up as an interesting read.

2. Facebook’s maverick queen: Indrajit Hazra shares his thoughts about the official Facebook page created by Mamata Banerjee in a post at News Laundry. Indrajit unfolds the way Mamata Banerjee and her team used Facebook to reach out to the masses when sometime before she was against the whole medium. Do give a read to this literary delight while I continue to doubt how long would  didi’s page be alive!

3. Using social media for Wikipedia outreach: Noopur Raval shares her thoughts on how they used social media for Wikipedia outreach in this blog post. Noopur shares how they connected with people who had attended sessions to join the Facebook page and the response was more than asking help via emails. Along with this Facebook groups were created to engage with the users in a fun way. Noopur also shares some of the important learnings that is a must read in this interesting post.

4. The terrible Ponds newspaper ad: Asfaq Tapia talks about a growing problem that I witness everyday in his blog post. Today brands want to connect offline with online without any connector. Same happened to Ponds ad that Asfaq saw on the paper. The ad was asking its reader to follow the brand on Facebook and Twitter page by displaying icons. Brands need to understand that just by putting icons on Facebook and Twitter won’t lead people to join them. A post that needs to be read and thought over.

5. 6 reasons Olympic 2012 will make history in social media: Sorav Jain presents a brillant article where he shares why London Olympics could create the biggest buzz on social media. Twitter and Facebook push, Sponsors like Samsung, Visa, BMW, etc. innovating and attracting fans, IOC’s advancement and the laying down of social media rules are the reasons why London Olympics would be a massive one. A must read post for the weekend.

Enjoy your weekend reading and do let us know which is your favourite.

And we will see you next week with some interesting articles backed with insights. Please note that if you wish to provide curated news or articles then do drop a note at connect[@]lighthouseinsights.in

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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