5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

by Prasant Naidu on April 8, 2022

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Indian social media articles

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I am yet to recover from the Delhi trip last week, undertaken purely with the intention to be a part of the IndiaSocial Summit, 2012. The three-day summit had a day dedicated to Master Class and the rest of the two days for the conferences. I have shared some of the keynotes and panel discussions, that I was able to attend as well as found to be insightful. If you haven’t had a chance to look at them then please click here.

Listing this week’s curated social media articles has been quite a challenge, with the traveling happening. However, I’ve done my best to get some of the really insightful articles shared by bloggers or brands. Here they are:

1. The Internet Makes Us Entertainers is a blog post by Carlton D’Silva at Campaign India. The post talks about the evolution of Internet and how does the Internet evolve from here i.e. the social media age.  Check out his interesting thoughts and lovely examples to back it up.  If you are a brand and you are in the game of entertaining digital audiences, then you shouldn’t give this a miss.

2. Case of Copyright Infringement by Zee Khana Khazana (ZKK) a blog post at Social Samosa shares a common problem in the world of social media. Harini Prakash puts a detailed post on how ZKK not only pulls up content from food blogs but also coolly removes watermarks before sharing them. I guess an apology is not what someone is looking for here but the question is why were the watermarks removed. A shameful incident but let me tell you this is happening rampantly. For a second, imagine this situation if a blogger is stealing content from a brand’s site. I believe by now the blogger would be sued. We need to have stricter laws against such shameful incidents.

3. Misleading Facebook Ads a blog post shared at Brandjugaad by Himanshu Bhalla, is again a common but shameful act happening all the time. It talks about how Fashion and You creates a misleading Facebook ad, which is nowhere to be found when the fan lands on the linked page. What do you think, do such Facebook ads make sense?

4. Case Study – ‘Get Your Yardley’ is this week’s social media case study delivered by WindChimes for its client Yardley, London. The campaign was designed to generate buzz for the launch of the product, generate fan love and building a reach amongst its target group. To know more, make sure you check out the presentation.

5. Social Recruiting is a blog post about Gautam Ghosh’s talk at IndiaSocial Summit, 2012. The blog post consists of the Slideshare presentation that Gautam had shared at the summit. The presentation talks about how recruiting has evolved through social and how it can be effective for your organization. It would be beneficial for people who have missed his talk.

That is all for this week and hope you enjoy your time reading these. Do tweet us at @lhinsights if you come across worthwhile articles dealing with Indian social media. Have a great weekend!

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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