5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

by Vinaya Naidu on April 1, 2022

in Insights

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Image courtesy: twogetherexpress.com

The week gone by has been quite exciting for us and the world of Indian social media. In our continuous efforts to bring you the best and the most insightful articles, we have with us a set of five articles or blog posts for you today. Curating isn’t easy at all when you have a trunk-ful of treasures, but we have tried our best to bring you the best five for your Sunday read.

Understanding the Hype cycle of a Blog: This is an amazing article that brings out the co-relation between Gartner’s Hype cycle and blogs. A hype cycle methodology gives you a view of how a technology or application will evolve over time, providing a sound source of insight to manage it within your specific business goals. The author Nischala Murthy Kaushik explains the various phases a blog is in terms of the hype cycle methodology and offers advice for each phase.  A must read for every blogger and the aspiring ones too.

The Chick that Tweets: Everybody on Twitter is well accustomed to the young model Poonam Pandey who is now a Twitter celebrity in her own right. She was also featured in the top 10 list of fastest rising celebrities in Google Zeitgeist 2011 India, besides Katrina Kaif and Anna Hazare! Here is an article that reveals the true story of the rise of Poonam Pandey and her trade secrets that keep her at the top.

If Social Media is free what are Social Media Marketing Agencies selling? : As the title suggests, this article goes on to answer the big question on our lips about why social media agencies at all, when opening up a Facebook or a Twitter is free of cost! This is an absolute must read for anyone who is contemplating the existence of social media agencies and  is also by one of my favourite blogger Neil Sequeira from BuzzFactory. Do read it to know why.

Don’t Do Social – 5 Good Reasons why: The author Jessie Paul answers the favourite audience question in many conferences - ‘Should I be on Social Media?’ with 5 good reasons to not be on social media. You should be reading this before you decide to take the big leap to social. Besides, I would recommend this article for the zillions of brands crowding the social media space, without knowing why they should be doing so.

How a photoshop’d image almost landed me on first page of TOI: This is a true story by Vijay Paul about how he along with friends, tried to trend #OccupyUnical to vent out their frustration against their university. Do read it to know how it trended via Photoshop and not Twitter and was almost being picked up as Front Page News by a TOI reporter. An absolute fun Sunday read!

Hope you enjoy this week’s curated list and don’t forget to share with us, if you come across interesting articles. These would go into our collection of ‘share to grow’ articles, soon to be stored in a shareable document for all our readers. Do tweet us at @lhinsights. Here’s a heads-up from Lighthouse team - next week we plan to bring you the best insights from India Social Summit 2012, so do watch this space.

Happy Reading!

Vinaya Naidu

Co-Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. A student of life, art and building relationships. Love to read just about anything and strongly believe that books make a beautiful world.

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  • http://vijayspaul.tumblr.com Vijay S Paul

    Thanks a MILLION Vinaya and Prasant… You just made my day :)

    • http://lighthouseinsights.in/ Prasant Naidu

      Pleasure bro :) keep doing the good work.

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