5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

An article that curates the best of Indian social media blogs for this week

Another week comes to an end and I am ready with this week ‘s curated list of social media articles.

1. Poonam Pandey, All India Bakchod and possible new laws of profitable content distribution: Karthik S does a tremendous job in writing this amazing blog post which compares two Indian hottest properties on Internet - Poonam Pandey and All Indian Backchod. He tries to see if they can make money out of the content tomorrow as today they are giving it for free. Interesting thoughts and a must read for this weekend. Oh! Do check out the All India Bakchod, you won’t be disappointed for sure.

2. Sky is the limit with Social Media: Social Media is being adopted by most of the service industries and the Aviation industry is not behind too. Windchimes posted this blog post sometime back where they list some cool work being done by International and Indian players in this industry.

3. We Need Active Online Policing By The Citizens: When these words come from an Indian born blogger who is also considered among the top 50 influencers in the world of technology then you take a serious note of it. Outlook India has published this article, which is an interview with Om Malik, Founder of Gigaom. Even though it is not a Blog post, it is an interesting read where Om shares his thoughts from how Google is doing unnatural things to how Facebook should concentrate more on mobile and Nokia being no more alive. I love the last answer of Om where he says the basic premise of the industry will not change only the delivery mechanism will change upon being asked about his thoughts on will print media survive.

4. #1caday: social media campaigns week 3: Priyanka Dalal who runs the Digiwhirl social media agency curates some interesting case studies that she has recently found interesting in this blog post. It is a blog series and you must have a look to know some of the lesser-known stories of the industry.

5. The 9 Women Bloggers I’ve Learnt From: Nischala is an avid blogger and her recent post talks about women bloggers from whom she has learnt and it is also a tribute to them on the Women’s Day. Kristi Hines features in the list and she is my favorite too. Along with this one thing that is noteworthy in Nischala’s Blog is that the whole week she has blogged about women celebrating the International Women’s week, which is really commendable.

That’s it for now and hope you have fun reading our curated list of blog posts. If you want to add your content to this list then drop a comment below or tweet us at @LHInsights.

And before we leave, we have two goodies for you:

1. Download the free ebook of Indian social media case studies by IndiaSocial.

2. And an interesting infographic provided by Muvi.com on the number of fake accounts of celebrities in Bollywood.

Happy Weekend!