5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading

A curated post on 5 Indian Social Media Articles Worth Reading in the weekend

Last week was the week for Facebook for it’s latest changes in brand pages and for introducing other features into its product. With others I too blogged about the changes and how the Indian brands are adopting it. Apart from that, I also came across some interesting blog posts written around social media, which could be good for your weekend read.

Weekend Reading
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1. RIP Facebook Stores?  Apart from the Facebook Marketing Conference, Facebook has been also in news for it’s Facebook Commerce, However this time it was under lot of criticism by online media as brands such as Gamestop, JC Penney, Gap, and Nordstrom were shutting stores on Facebook. There were lot of view points, most of them said that Facebook is a place of friends and not for commerce. However a bunch of people strongly denied it and one of them was Co-Founder of Adepto Soultions, Kiran K. Kiran wrote an insightful article highlighting the way these stores concentrated on sales rather than concentrating on engagement which eventually led to the failure. Wonder how many Indian brands are still doing Facebook stores.

2. Pin the Pinned, that’s what people are doing on Pinterest: This year saw Pinterest drawing the limelight in Social Media. It has been the darling network for all media, businesses and bloggers. However Paritosh Sharma rather than writing about Pinterest, tries to assess the trends and where are we heading to in his recent blog post.  I believe interest-based or sentiment-based networks to be the future.

3. Google Plus business pages - Can Indian brands capitalize on it? Between Facebook and Pinterest, we have completely forgotten Google Plus, which I consider as an underdog but not by Pradeep Chopra. Pradeep in his latest article at AFAQS shares his thoughts on Google Plus business pages and how brands can capitalize on it. I have never doubted the powers of Google Plus for brands but it will have to do some new changes to its business pages to entice users and businesses.

4. Social Media for brands: setting the context: Lakshmipathy Bhatt touched upon a very common thought in a recent blog post that is often missed by brands on social media. He ends with a question asking readers- what do you think are the must-do’s for brands when it comes to Social Media? Do let us know what are your thoughts and it also gives me food for thought.

5. Great Productivity Tip: Be a Producer. Not a Consumer: An interesting article from Kiruba Shankar, which definitely doesn’t talk about social media. The article talks about how keeping aside early few hours for important work can make you more productive in the day. For example we can always get up early in the morning, plan things, do the important things such as blogging, writing article, etc. rather than checking our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Focus is the key word for success and being an entrepreneur, I realize it.

Well that’s it for this week. Do let us know which was your favorite read and if you come across any interesting blog post then either you can share it in the comments section or simply tweet us @LHInsights.

Happy Weekend!