5 Curated Social Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on December 22, 2021

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weekend reading indian social mediaA big thanks to our advertisers - Unmetric , Reduce Data and WAT. Listed below are five curated articles that would be a good read for your weekend.

1. Heroes 2013: The tweet is mightier than the sword: The article at DNA looks at how social media is increasingly turning into an agenda setter with quite a few distinct examples in 2013. The article looks at many cases such as Delhi gang rape, #FreeSunder campaign, among others. Read more here.

2. Facebook’s auto-play video ads: Will they click in India? Facebook confirmed that it is testing video ads this week that automatically start playing in the News Feed on desktop and mobile. Will it be well-accepted among Indian audiences and advertisers, AFAQS explores it. Read more here.

3. How dotConverse helped Gurgaon-based Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen revive its reputation over social media: dotConverse, a social media and digital marketing agency shares their story how it worked hard for over 60 days to pull up the business and perception of Lemp across social and other media platforms. The article looks at the agency’s ongoing journey too. Read more here.

4. India telecom predictions for 2014 and update on 2013 by PwC: Mohammad Chowdhury, leader, Telecom PwC India, shares his predictions for Indian telecom industry for 2014 and update in 2013. According to him the year would be the year of the SMAC (Social Media, Analytics and Cloud). Read more here.

5. Why Apple Bought Topsy — The Real Reason Everyone Has Missed: There have already been too many predictions of why Apple bought Topsy. Everyone from Wall Street Journal to Inc. have weighed in on their opinions for why Topsy was bought by Apple, and yet, they are all missing the larger picture. Asfaq looks at the missing piece. Read more here.

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