5 Curated Indian Social Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on November 24, 2021

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A big thanks to our advertisers - Unmetric, Rackspace, DMTI and WAT. Listed below are five curated articles that would be a good read for your weekend.

1. Does Viber have the potential to be No 1 in India? The article at e27 looks at the popular messaging services in India and does Viber stand a chance to stay at the top. Read more here.

2. Agencies at the vanguard of digital marketing revolution: The article at ET looks at some of the digital agencies in the country. The article shares how these agencies are investing big so that they can retain bigger clients. Read more here.

3. The story of not-so-modest ‘Bhak Sala’: The article at YS looks at the popularity of the ‘Bhak Sala’ Facebook page that has more than 200K plus likes. The article is the journey of its creator Rahul Raj too. Read more here.

4. How two buddies reconnected to help schools to digitize entire learning cycle: Pleolabs’s story: Delhi based Pleolabs has built a rapidly deployable, easy to use and manage social learning platform – Gopleo that digitizes a school’s entire learning cycle from planning to student engagement, assessments, outcomes analysis and individual improvement. The article looks at the startup’s journey. Read more here.

5. Tarun Tejpal sexual assault case: Social media is the new watchdog: The case against Tarun Tejpal is the case for crowd-sourced technologies, and the first casualty in the process is the traditional structure of authority. The collective is the new conscience. The article at DNA shares that one should be grateful for the ‘invasion’ of digital media.The proliferation of social media is disturbing the status-quo and creating new spaces of resistance; unspeakable truths are being spoken. Read more here.

Happy Weekend!

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