5 Curated Indian Social Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on November 17, 2021

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A big thanks to our advertisers - Unmetric, DMTI and WAT. Listed below are five curated articles that would be a good read for your weekend.

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1. The Twitter-TV Nexus In India: The article looks at how Twitter is providing the second screen experience in the country. It starts from how Twitter has evolved, gelled along with TV and also discusses challenges. Read more here.

2. Are you a ‘pappu’ for propaganda doctors? An army of 2,000 people is disseminating propaganda for Narendra Modi and against his rivals. The article focuses on how Modi has built his fan base and the methods in doing so are debatable. Read more here.

3. Social media promotions can backfire, too: Social media is a highly effective marketing tool for companies but its very ubiquity and the speed with which messaging goes viral has meant that it can hurt them badly as well, especially since platforms are not always moderated and can be hacked or misused. The article discusses and explores through a set of cases and more. Read more here.

4. Having Facebook presence alone not enough, say broadcasters: When STAR India and Discovery International tied up with Facebook to get access to data regarding user comments, social media engagement of broadcasters moved to a completely new level. The article discusses on the change in perception and the way forward. Read more here.

5. Why corporate HR has done a U-turn on social media: The article talks about how HR companies are not only using social media for recruitment but companies are investing on enterprise softwares to build better engagement with employees too. These things are happening along with challenges the new medium is coming up with. Read more here.

Happy Weekend!

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