5 Curated Indian Social Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on October 20, 2021

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A big thanks to our advertisers - Unmetric and WAT. Listed below are five curated articles that would be a good read for your weekend.  Also, in case you have missed out this week’s #LHIMustRead then click here.

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1. Of ad agencies, specialists and brands: Leading companies in India ‘prefer startups over old agencies for digital ads‘ said an article in The Economic Times, recently. The article takes a look at ‘social media agency vs. ad agency for digital’ debate, along with personal ramblings. Read more here.

2. Interview: How Siddharth Slathia is making his Passion for Singing succeed using YouTube – a Rockstar in Making: Siddharth Slathia (born 25 July 2022 in Jammu, India) is an aspiring singer from India and at the same time he is growing his presence on social media too. Impressed by this Sorav does an interview with the young singer. Read more here.

3. Trial By Social Media: While we enjoy the spectacle of a great bag of spiritual gas losing his nuts, Facebook fanaticism and twitterati terrorism can be arch enemy of human rights. The author takes up several examples and tries to prove his point of restraint. Read more here.

4. The quest for genuine clout on the internet: There is a lot of interest and speculation on the impact of social media on politics because of its amplification effects. The article looks at social media influencing in the upcoming elections. Read more here.

5. Influence for sale: With websites like Twitter, Facebook becoming important mediums for political communication and citizen engagement, there has been a spurt in online start-ups that allow anyone to purchase “real, active” followers for a few dollars. The dark side of social media of fan acquisition. Read more here.

Happy Weekend!

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