5 Curated Indian Social Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on October 13, 2021

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A big thanks to our advertisers - Unmetric and WAT. Listed below are five curated articles that would be a good read for your weekend.  Also, in case you have missed out this week’s #LHIMustRead then click here.

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1. Small Businesses in India Going Social to Boost Growth: The article looks at the change in approach by small businesses in India which is a huge turning point and is bound to propel their growth and serve as an example for the rest of the world. Read more here.

2. Is Social Media Accountable for Paid News At All? The Election Commission Might Want to Think Again: According to a report, the Election watchdog is planning to bring “social media into the ambit of Paid News.” NBW takes a look at the news and shares why it is a stupid move. Read more here.

3. Facebook teams up with Star, Discovery: Facebook is sharing data with TV channels on how viewers react to their shows on the social networking platform. Will language get in the way of this fascinating experiment? The post at AFAQS looks at it. Read more here.

4. A brand cannot be created like a machine with algorithms: Is your brand human? Does it ‘talk’ to your audience? What attracts the audience to build a relationship with your brand like a human? The post at E4M further takes a look at the social relationship between a consumer and a brand. Read more here.

5. Social media and racism - The Miss America Story: The dark side of the media came alive once again amid an otherwise proud and celebratory moment, as Indian-born 24-year-old Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, the first Indian American to hold the title. The article looks at the two aspects – 1. Standardised beauty norms, 2. Unmasking the ugly face of social media. Read more here.

 Happy Weekend!

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