weekend reading

1. Today, content discovery is driven through social channels: Nitin Mathur: Companies need to be intelligent enough to find the right kind of users in the first place. Quick action is important to stay relevant because users are responding quite vocally to products and offerings online, says Nitin Mathur, senior director & head of marketing, Yahoo! India & South East Asia. Read more here.

2. Rethink Facebook content strategy, advise brand managers: Facebook’s decision to limit the organic reach of brands means that a platform, which for advertisers was a great (and free) way to reach their audience will now become less effective and more expensive. Experts say that it is time to re-look at the strategies once again. Read more here.

3. Got a talent? Tallenge could make you rich and famous: Entrepreneurs are expected to fight fires, take on challenges and beat Goliaths. But how often do you hear of an entrepreneur who was forced to tackle a vicious smear campaign the day after he launched his startup? And persevere to get over 1,000,000 footfalls from 150 countries in less than a year, turning it into a global talent promotion platform with a strong enough foundation to attract a top notch investor like Kalaari Capital? Such is the story of Praveen Gupta and his venture, Tallenge. Read more here.

4. Social Media: Limited, but ‘Liked’ in Indian Elections: Limited internet penetration means social media activity may not quite define the Indian elections. But the value of ‘likes’, tweets and ‘shares’ is far from lost on political leaders. Read more here.

5. 5 Evil Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Facebook: Show No Mercy: In their march towards this goal, however, Facebook has crossed many a grey line. Scratch that. They’ve gone outright bad pretty often. And yes, we think startups should learn from some of this. Scaling and growing isn’t always about playing nice and being good. Read more here.