5 Curated Indian Social & Digital Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on April 13, 2022

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1. How big data has changed India elections: With India’s 16th national election under way, some parties appear to have an edge as technology, social media and big data play a key role in connecting with voters. Two irreversible trends underlie the tech-driven fight for votes: a very large young voter base and advances in technology. Read more here.

2. Why Facebook Is So Interested In India’s Elections: India’s general election this year will be the largest democratic election that has ever been conducted in the world — and also one of Facebook’s most ambitious pushes into electoral politics. For the first time in Indian history, there is a significant overlap between the urban, educated, tech-savvy India and the India that lines up to cast its vote. Read more here.

3. Pugmarks recommends content that you would love to read: Content discovery is a hot area that has seen good recommendation products emerging globally. As readers, we always love to recommend a good book to our friends. Pugmarks is trying to emulate this experience for digital content. It is a product by Insieve, a content recommendation engine startup based in Bangalore. Pugmarks’ plugin supplements readers as they browse and read stories. While reading a particular story, users are shown recommended content, ranked based on user’s social networks. Read more here.

4. Helping hotels generate revenue via digital channels over nine years: Internet Mogul’s story. B2B companies like Internet Moguls helps hotels, travel companies and airlines to use seamless technology integration and digital marketing to drive and balance revenues from various channels for these industries. Founded in 2005 by Avijit Arya, Internet Moguls is a hotel and travel marketing company hired by hotels across the world to drive their digital revenues. Read more here.

5. Twitter trouble for BJP: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is on a social media alert, as is evident from it boycotting NDTV over an alleged tweet against Narendra Modi attributed to senior leader Shushma Swaraj. This is not the first time that BJP has fallen under the double edges of the phenomenon called social media, despite the fact the party perhaps has been a trendsetter and most aggressive  within the medium. Read more here.

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