1. Instagramming the hijab: how the online ‘Muslimah’ fashion industry is helping reinvent the veil: In mainstream media, Muslim women in headscarves are often stereotyped as oppressed. On social media, however, hijab-wearing Muslims are dispelling this prejudice, and, in the process, attracting increasingly more attention. This “Muslimah fashion industry” and its impact online is the subject of a recent research paper by Nayema Nasir and Arpita Chakraborty, two gender studies students based in Delhi and Dublin, respectively. Read more here.

2. Offline merchants may soon have mobile payments option; startup Ruplee focuses on restaurant sector: While the online mobile payment space has been buzzing with rapidly growing players such as Paytm, Citrus Pay and PayU, another batch of startups is focusing on enabling mobile payments for offline merchants, starting with the restaurant sector. Read more here.

3. Here’s what you need to know to launch a website in India: India is a mobile country but not all of these low-end smartphones are connected to the Internet, because a lot of the available content and platforms are simply not designed for the people buying the devices. The article lists down key design challenges. Read more here.

4. Mobile advertising platform Airloyal gets 35 advertisers, claims 240% MoM revenue growth: Airloyal uses gamification to increase the engagement on mobile apps and gives free recharge in return. For instance, Rs 5 for spending a minute on a specific app. Six months back they launched their first product Ladooo – a mobile advertising platform on Google Playstore to offer guaranteed engagement for mobile ad campaigns. The story talks about its growth and competitor. Read more here.

5. Mobile video trends from India: Mobile video was the rising star of 2014. For many youngsters, their mobile phone has become the preferred screen for watching videos. Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO of the mobile-video site Vuclip, gives first-hand insights about Indian’s love for Bollywood and the experience generation that’s fuelling this trend. Read more here.