1. Rohtak brave-hearts: The ritual of social media outrage is all ‘chutzpah’: Outrage without purpose makes us look like a bunch of idiots. The responsibility of conscious citizens – which most of social media users believe they are — should not end with clicking the ‘like’ button or sharing harrowing tales of others. All this finally amounts to, well, let’s call it ‘chutzpah’. Read more here.

2. Can Facebook keep you secure? Vivek Bansal thinks otherwise: Most of us put our data online based on the trust that it will not be misused or abused. It is an unspoken agreement between the user and the company that the platform will make sure that the user does not face any sort of discomfort on the platform unless otherwise stated. But Facebook as always creates serious doubts when it comes to security. Read more here.

3. Snapdeal: Connecting the dots between demand and supply in India: Co-founder Kunal Bahl doesn’t consider Snapdeal to be an e-commerce player. In a conversation with [email protected], he says the firm is “really a technology company. We enable others to do e-commerce.” Read more here.

4. Make it REEL with the lightest video-sharing startup: The story of Reel is is built on the idea that videos are channels to share moments, cutting off time and space limits. Meera and her partner Adam, who currently work between London and Bangalore, began to think about video-sharing because they both travel frequently. Read more here.

5. India’s ladies’ detective agencies: ‘Most people’s marriages were fine until they started using Facebook and WhatsApp’: The social media boom is playing havoc with the Indian urban marriage. There are 3,500 private detective agencies in Delhi alone, many run by women investigating unfaithful husbands and wives. Read more here.