1. Requiem for the banner ad: why digital ad agencies like Big Data: Companies and digital advertising agencies are moving beyond mere Likes on Facebook or Followers on Twitter, to using analytics and Big Data to understand user behaviour patterns and keep pace with disruptive technologies in a bid to stay relevant. Read more here.

2. Betting big on India, but have the rules of the local game changed? The story looks at the Sapient’s acquisition by the Paris based Publicis Groupe. One of the reasons for companies to focus on India is becasue of the market maturity with its shortcomings. Read more here.

3. Agencies will not drive the digital change: A few months ago, KV Sridhar, better known as ‘Pops’ in the advertising business, joined Sapient Nitro, a digital specialist firm that calls itself as an agency for an always-on world, as its chief creative officer (CCO) for India. When the Worldwide CCO of Sapient Nitro, Gaston Legorburu, who’s also co-author of the bestseller, “Storyscaping — stop creating ads, start creating worlds” came down to India recently, cat.a.lyst paired them up for a quick chat. The result is cat.a.lyst conversations. Read more here.

4. We can build a mobile center of excellence from India: Michael Kahn, CEO, Performics Worldwide, ZenithOptimedia Group, speaks to Shinmin Bali about agencies operating in the specialisation era, the strategic importance of acquisitions and the challenges of operating in India. Read more here.

5. India Played a Massive Role in Publicis’ Deal to Buy Sapient: When Publicis Groupe agreed to buy Sapient Corp. for $3.7 billion, a hefty 40% premium over its recent trading price, the French holding company provoked head-scratching throughout the industry. The article looks at why Publicis’ focussed on India. Read more here.