5 Curated Indian Social & Digital Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on March 9, 2022

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1. Why Facebook matters in this election: The article talks about how Facebook is impacting the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2014. Politics is eventually about innovation and people power and that is why Facebook will be a relevant factor in this election. Read more here.

2. How we will sell digital advertising in India: The article looks into the future of digital advertising, how would it be in India in the year 2016 by providing six ways to utilize the digital media. Read more here.

3. Bollywood banks on technology, social media to woo consumers: In this digital age, every film-maker has to be connected to the audience at a deeper level, and social networking sites make this task easier. With stars taking to Twitter to ‘tweet’ their every move, sharing images and videos of the film in the making, and first looks being opened online, the pulse of the masses can be caught weeks before the actual on-ground release. Three trends have started to evolve. Read more here.

4. FreeKall: Bangalore students launch free voice calling service to those without internet: The article looks at a team of engineers in Bangalore who have a free voice calling service for any part of the world. Termed FreeKall, it brings voice-over-internet-like services to those without internet access. Read more here.

5. How Truecaller went on to become world’s largest verified mobile phone community: The article looks at the early days of Truecaller, how important it is for India, and the road ahead. Read more here.

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