1. Ramesh Srivats on what not to do on Social Media and how to build a brand: Ramesh Srivats took the stage at the TechSparks Grand finale on October 18, 2014, and delighted the audience with his witty insights and jabs on how brands should actually engage with their audiences on Social Media.Key highlights of the talk. Read more here.

2. Why Bollywood’s biggest star approached a small YouTube channel for help: By partnering with boutique studios such as All India Bakchod and The Viral Fever, actors like Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan are making early inroads into the rapidly growing audiences on YouTube and other online video networks. Read more here.

3. From getting rejected by MTV to crossing 750K Youtube subscribers: Story of TheQtiyapaGuy, Arunabh Kumar: We know him as the Qtiyaapa guy. We rever him as the guy who makes viral spoof videos on Youtube. He was most recently in the news for his tie-up with Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan to promote his movie “Happy New Year.” Meet Arunabh Kumar, CEO of the Viral Fever Media Labs. Oh, and CEO, in this case stands for Creative Experiment Officer. Read more here.

4. A Bollywood-backed Twitter campaign saved the Mumbai Film Festival—but crushed its spirit: The Mumbai Film Festival, which started on Oct. 14 and runs through Oct. 21., seems to have gone from its usual celebration of independent filmmakers, young cineastes, and littérateurs to an unabashed celebration of Bollywood. Read more here.

5. The Valley in Digital India: Prime Minister Modi is certainly right in prioritising Internet access and digital infrastructure but running a race without knowing the finishing line is a losing game. Read more here.