1. Five reasons why ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed’s clone in India, has been so successful: The article looks at how ScoopWhoop, a Buzzfeed clone in India after just being a year in business, is already giving established Indian media companies a run for their money with its witty listicles, videos and GIFs. Read more here.

2. For a perch in brands’ minds: Twitter, the US-based networking platform, ramps up its pitch to Indian advertisers but will they buy? The article talks with industry experts to understand what Twitter has to offer and how is it in terms of conversations when put along side of Facebook. Read more here.

3. Agencies beefing up digital wing ops to meet growing online ad demand: To meet the growing online advertising demand, Indian advertising agencies are scaling up the operations of their digital wings with new initiatives, tools and processes. Read more here.

4. Can YouTube sensation All India Bakchod laugh its way to the bank? The funny guys behind All India Bakchod (AIB) are confronting a serious question. Sure, their hilarious sketches on YouTube routinely get millions of clicks—but how to translate that into millions of rupees? The answer, they think, will come from turning their unique brand of comedy into a brand-promotion platform. Read more here.

5. Why PM Modi will miss Digital India target without 100% broadband: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been talking about his vision to build a new country through Digital India initiative. However, PM Modi will miss Digital India targets if there’re no significant changes in the present mindset of telecom ministry and the decision makers. This is because the foundation of Digital India will be 100 percent broadband and telecom access to Indians. Read more here.