1. Twitter Promoted Video: Will this work in India? Twitter recently unveiled a new advertising programmme that delivers “promoted videos” to the tweet stream of users. afaqs! explores how viable this feature is for Indian advertisers. Read more here.

2. Facebook is Here to Stay: Although organic reach has declined, Facebook is an extremely valuable network says Avinash Joshi. Read more here.

3. Targeted advertising or online stalking? Many people have started to believe that too much advertising is working against itself—especially on the Internet. With rising number of advertisers spending a chunk of their marketing budget on advertising across all media platforms, will we one day collectively say ‘enough is enough?’ Read more here.

4. How Czar Securities is helping companies secure their digital assets from hackers: Czar Securities is a startup run by a bunch of talented ethical-hackers who have joined hands to make websites more secure. They have received acknowledgements from various global companies on multiple occasions for pointing out security issues in their web portals. Read more here.

5. Our client win rate is higher than Mu Sigma: Fractal Analytics CEO Srikanth Velamakanni: Fractal Analytics is one of the largest independent analytics companies in the world that are operating out of India and is behind Mu Sigma, which is currently in talks with investors to raise upwards of $200 million in fresh funding which could value the company more than Flipkart. Techcircle.in spoke to Srikanth Velamakanni, co-founder and CEO of Fractal, and Vikas Choudhury, COO & CFO of Aimia India, to know more about the partnership, and Fractal’s future plans, competition and more. Read more here.