1. Will quotivational posters and poor content damage the value of LinkedIn? Network needs serious business users, who are now being overrun by content with no professional value, contends Graeme Somerville-Ryan who is the marketing and business development director (Asia) for the international law firm Wikborg Rein. Read more here.

2. Twitter India’s $10,000 minimum budget irks agencies, brands: Twitter asks marketers for a sum to the tune of $10,000 or around Rs 6 lakh as a minimum commitment for any campaign. The campaign can be run for three months. This requirement has irked clients and hence their is a slow adoption in Twitter ads. Read more here.

3. Qpeka aims to be the YouTube for written content: Abhishek Barari and Rahul Shelke are making an attempt to come up with a ‘YouTube for reading and writing’, as they call it, and started Qpeka this year. Read more here.

4. Facebook trumps Twitter as marketers’ favourite? The age old debate which network is better for marketers to advertiser and target consumers. Facebook remains advertisers favourite with reduction of organic reach. Read more here.

5. Media quoting from Twitter vs. Media quoting from Twitter and not mention Twitter as the source: Does media need permission to write about something as public as a tweet (from an open account, not a protected handle)? It is good etiquette, no doubt, but it is also not absolutely necessary. The article talks about how TOI being slimy to report a story based on mere tweets. Read more here.