5 Curated Indian Social & Digital Media Articles To Be Read This Weekend

by Prasant Naidu on March 2, 2022

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1. How do you build a customer base of over 100 million in 2 years? The Newshunt story: Bangalore-based Verse Innovation (Newshunt) is on a mission  to empower the country to celebrate and read its own language(s) by delivering content to people in their native language. The Newshunt app brings regional vernacular content (both newspapers and books) from across the country to one platform. The article at YS looks at the journey, the app and more. Read more here.

2. How active is the Hindi GEC genre on digital? Is the Hindi GEC audience shifting to digital? The article looks at how they are performing on social media while bringing expert opinion. Read more here.

3. Brand building will go mobile: Kirthiga Reddy: Head of Facebook India, gave some insights on the future of social and digital media at the unveiling of the Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2014. The article covers her three key predictions for social media in 2014 and how brand building will go mobile. Read more here.

4. The Digital Agency Manifesto - What won’t happen in 2014? The article looks at what will not happen in 2014 in the digital agency landscape of India. These are 5 points such as much-awaited integrated campaigns, Facebook will not get its mobile right, and digital agencies will not be paid peanuts anymore, among others. Read more here.

5. Nirvana Digital Crosses 1Bn views on YouTube – Founder Pinakin Thakkar: One of India’s largest YouTube Networks, Nirvana Digital claims to have received over 1 billion views on its network. The company claims to have a collection of over 200 YouTube Channels and over 50,000 videos serving over 2.5 billion minutes of videos in 2013 on YouTube. The article talks about the video content business, consumption on web and devices in India, monetization on YouTube & challenges among others. Read more here.

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