weekend reading

1. Sruthijith KK Is Editor of Quartz India; On India plans, Scroll Partnership, Native Ads: Atlantic Media’s mobile-first digital publication Quartz has appointed Sruthijith KK as the editor for its Indian edition, which will be launched here in June in partnership with Scroll.in, which has been set up by former ACK Media CEO Samir Patil. The interview shares thoughts from Sruthijith KK. Read more here.

2. Video reviews from users like you and me to help us buy right: Real Reviews: Did you know that 30% of online product reviews are fake? While many text reviews are anonymous or unreliable, so-called ‘expert’ reviews may not be based on continuous use and experience of a product. This is where Real Reviews come in. They are a video review platform focussing on the user experience of real consumers like you and me. “Real Reviews is the world’s first website featuring user video reviews of products,” its founders say. Read more here.

3. Our social media strategy is - create, connect and cultivate: Indraneel Ganguli, Tech Mahindra: The world’s largest social network, Facebook, recently crossed 100 million users in India. Half of India’s internet population of 200 million uses Facebook and this provides a big enough audience for companies and brands to tap into. Indraneel Ganguli, Global Head - Brand, Tech Mahindra, believe a social media presence is important to connect with the youth. Read more here.

4. Amend the definition of ROI on digital, concur experts: Despite getting the least share of the total marketing budget, digital gives the widest reach and real-time analytics. Digital media empowers specific targeting of audience and also gives flexibility to change the approach based on response of the target audience. Experts talk about where marketers are going wrong with their expectations and how digital is helping the ecosystem grow. Read more here.

5. Chumbak.com is gently poking fun at all things Indian, and customers are loving it! Vivek Prabhakar is a passionate traveller, but the only thing that he brings home from his travels are magnets (‘Chumbak’ in Hindi). “That’s all I can afford,” he jokes. The truth is he always gets drawn back to the magnet, to the extent that he ended up believing that he can actually launch a company based on the theme. Read more here.