5 best digital marketing reads of last week from Lighthouse Insights

Best of the week from LI - cool Janmashtami visuals, Amul Topicals for Rio 2016 Olympics, employee stories at Social Kinnect, Ranveer Ching Returns viral video, Flipkart's kids are back

36 adorable Janmashtami visuals & gifs of 2016: Janmashtami visuals created this year played upon the elements of Krishna, with a connect to the brand, some in the visual but mostly in the copy. Read more here.

How the Amul girl captured the spirit of the Rio Olympics in witty, pun-filled visuals: The utterly butterly girl has captured the essence of Rio 2016 and made a visual documentary for future generations to go back in time to experience the pulse of a nation. Read more here.

Ranveer Ching Returns: Ching’s Secret reveals the secret sauce to viral video content: The Mad Max-inspired “Ranveer Ching Returns” factors in storytelling with a Bollywood twist replete with the dance sequences, the funny villain and lissome heroine with wacky dialogues. Read more here.

These 3 employees tell us why working at Social Kinnect is fun and valuable: In a video conversation with LI, Sanjivani Jethwaney, Stefan Amanna, & Kartikeya Tiwari share their life at Social Kinnect and what keeps them going at the digital agency. Read more here.

Flipkart brings its kids back for Flipkart Assured: For Flipkart Assured, the ecommerce brand has rolled out a series of ads featuring kids again, each talking about quality checks and fast delivery. Read more here.

Additionally, here are the week’s best global digital marketing campaigns and the important social network updates.