5 best digital marketing reads of last week from Lighthouse Insights

Best of LI from last week - Twitter, Google & brands celebrated #WorldEmojiDay, Indian brands and Pokémon Go, meet the Blink Digital co-founders Dooj Ramchandani and Rikki Agarwal

Blink Digital founders

Week’s best digital marketing stories from LI:

3 reasons why you should be a part of LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016: From a feature on LI to a trophy, we’ve listed 3 reasons why agencies/brands should be a part of online LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016. Read more here.

How Indian brands nailed real time engagement around Pokémon Go: Indian brands have also leveraged the Pokémon mania to engage their fans, as well as weave in a smart brand connect with strategic visuals on social media. Read more here.

How Twitter, Google & brands celebrated #WorldEmojiDay: Tech giants like Google, Twitter and brands like Pepsi have owned World Emoji Day with interesting campaigns and product releases. Read more here.

Meet Blink Digital, driving innovation by bridging the gap between creativity & tech: Dooj Ramchandani and Rikki Agarwal of Blink Digital share how the digital agency is solving brand problems, while using technology as a vehicle and not making it as the main product. Read more here.

Budweiser’s Brewed The Hard Way connects brand legacy with Gen Y: Budweiser’s global summer campaign ‘Brewed The Hard Way’ makes it India debut featuring passionate youngsters who’ve been brewed the hard way. Read more here.

Additionally, week’s best global digital marketing campaigns and the important social network updates.