35 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of Quarter 2, 2016

A curated list featuring the best Indian social media and digital marketing campaigns reviewed at LI in the second quarter of 2016

Best digital marketing campaigns Q2 2016

2016 is halfway through and the digital marketing space in the country is experiencing shifts in demand and supply. Brand managers want their digital marketing campaigns to bring in leads, trend on social media and while at it, also collect awards. Agencies, in catering to the ever evolving consumer needs, are stepping up their core strategy team, video production team, creative team and so forth. The first quarter of 2016 marked by many festive days, special occasions, and the ICC T20 World Cup was lapped up with interesting campaigns. Read: 13 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns Of Quarter 1, 2016.

The second quarter has been about leveraging the Indian Premier League matches in a cricket-crazy nation, a few IPL campaigns resorted to creative fan engagement and community building. Brands in varying sectors like automobiles, F&B, Technology, apparel, ecommerce, etc delved into innovative means to reach out to their TG on digital media.

Here, we bring you a compilation of the  best Indian social media and digital marketing campaigns reviewed at LI in the second quarter of 2016. Do note that this is a random list as campaigns are featured here due to a combination of factors like creativity, goal-oriented, memorability, brand connect, consumer engagement, and more.

1. Lenovo India ‘#ScienceOfCool’

For the Yoga 900 and Tab 3 PRO digital promotions, Lenovo India went full out on videos decoding cool with the help of stand-up comedian Sahil Shah. Sahil tried to decode the science behind viral videos on the internet, users were invited to share their favourite videos, everything was housed at the ‘Science of Cool’ portal, the playlist also had cool videos describing the new devices’ features. Engagement was built with fun, creative contests. Read all about Lenovo India ‘#ScienceOfCool’ digital campaign.

2. Lipton Ice Tea #100DaysOfSummer

This summer, the ice tea maker launched a massive #100DaysOfSummer campaign associating itself as the beverage of the season. The brand refreshed traffic cops at the busiest junctions and captured the story on a video, inviting people to do the same for strangers. Social media was populated with videos, visuals, gifs that included chilled beverage recipes, hilarious skits and more with Lipton Ice Tea by comedian Jose, magician Neel and recipe maker Shailarna. Read all about Lipton Ice Tea #100DaysOfSummer digital campaign.

3. Mahindra Mojo #BornForTheRoad


This May, Mahindra Two Wheelers launched a stylish campaign called “Born for the Road,” for its flagship 300 cc tourer motorcycle, Mahindra MOJO. The campaign celebrated the spirit of riding with a MOJO Tribe anthem, while a choice of trails across the country served to bond the tribe. A website and a mobile app together served as a one-stop destination for all aspiring touring enthusiasts and a place for the MOJO tribe to share their trail stories. Read all about Mahindra Mojo #BornForTheRoad digital campaign.

4. Himalaya Men #HateThePimple

Himalaya Men pulled off a marketing stunt this IPL for its anti-pimple face wash, bridging together the offline sporting event with the digital world. While RCB players on field wore caps with ‘Pimple?’ on them, a teaser film created buzz using #HateThePimple. The product was only revealed in the second film launched when the buzz was at its peak. Selfie contests gratified winners with a meet with the cricketers. Read all about Himalaya Men #HateThePimple digital campaign.

5. Amazon India ‘#WeIndians’

This April, the ecommerce giant had launched a quirky digital driven campaign, ‘We Indians’ that celebrated our weird cultural traits, while a series of films sought to address our major concerns about online shopping. Each of the videos captured our distinct quirks and tied it back to the brand: a woman crossing the road by using her hand as a stop signal, a man booking himself a seat on a crowding bus by dropping a handkerchief from the window, and many more. Visuals and contests helped amplify the buzz on social media. Read all about Amazon India ‘We Indians’ digital campaign.

6. Signature #PassionToPaycheck

The whisky brand from Diageo’s United Spirits had launched the Signature Startup campaign driven by the simple transformative belief, ‘#PassionToPaycheck. An online platform featured a number of real life success stories of a drummer, a photographer, an actor, and many more, who’ve made the difficult transition from well-paying corporate jobs, to convert their passion into paycheck. Social media content was used to drive users to the platform. Read all about Signature #PassionToPaycheck digital campaign.

7. Britannia #5050Fusion

This IPL, the sweet-and-salty Britannia 5050 rolled out the #5050Fusion campaign to associate the biscuit as the ‘Perfect Combination of Taste’. It blended the perfect taste of 5050 with RCB’s exceptional players - Kohli, Gayle, and Villers in an array of creative content, while inviting users to share their won perfect combinations for a chance to meet the cricketers. All content generated was housed on a microsite, even as RCB fans led the buzz on social. Read all about Britannia #5050Fusion digital campaign.

8. MRF #RideTheThrill

MRF Tyres, Global Partner for ICC events decided to up the game this WT20 by bringing together Indian bikers who also enjoy the thrill of T20 cricket. A 27-day game plan with 4 MRF NV levels that had 150 challenges on cricket and biking was held on the MRF Ride the Thrill app. The selected ones known as the MRF Thrill Ambassadors drove the conversation during every match, along with Virat Kohli starring in a number of videos. Read all about MRF #RideTheThrill digital campaign.

9. Shaadi.com #NotForSale

Matrimonial portal Shaadi.com carried forward its social initiative ShaadiCares with a hard-hitting video series this April suggesting Indian men are not for sale in the marriage market. The #NotForSale video series was aimed to stir discomfort in men who are of the opinion that dowry is fine, it’s a tradition, it’s my birthright, it’s my family’s right, etc. Visuals on social media further extended the idea of showing a mirror to men who are ready for dowry. Read all about Shaadi.com #NotForSale digital campaign.

10. Surf Excel #ReadyForLife

Surf Excel launched #ReadyForLife this May, part of its ‘Dirt is Good’ universal theme, designed to seamlessly transform the brand philosophy into consumer action. The brand is partnering parents to help instil ‘values’ in their children through the action-oriented campaign. While a heart-warming digital film forms the core, an online platform serves for call-to-action. Parents can register their kids and find ways to ‘share’ with NGO’s like SMILE Foundation and Helpage India. Read all about Surf Excel #ReadyForLife digital campaign.

11. Yash Raj Films ‘Fan’ promotions


For the promotions of SRK-starring ‘Fan’ by Yash Raj Films, the production house embarked on a massive digital marketing strategy driven by a video series ‘Tu Nahin Samjhega’ featuring real fans, as the movie was inspired by a real life fan of the star. YRF built the series as a tribute to all fans, not just SRK while fans on social media were engaged with a variety of contests and fun activities that brought them closer to the star, and this momentum was kept alive till the day of movie launch. Read all about Fan movie launch digital campaign.

12. Axis Mutual Fund ‘#DoYourHomework’

The mutual fund investment company launched an investor education campaign ‘Do Your Homework’ with the goal of creating awareness amongst parents on the need to plan for their children’s future. An experimental video demonstrated how parents and their children are not on the same page when it comes to the child’s career choice, while a microsite and a mobile app enabled parents to be prepared financially to support their child’s dreams. Social media was populated with visuals that drove users to the website. Read all about Axis Mutual Fund ‘Do your homework’ digital campaign.

13. BBlunt #DirtyLittleSecret

For the promotions of its Back to Life dry shampoo, salon chain BBlunt launched a digital campaign designed to go viral. It roped in the country’s most popular beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers to feature in a ‘Dirty Little Secret’ music video along with the founder. Racy lyrics, sexual puns and a catchy tune were extended on to the buzz on social media. Content was created and amplified by celebrities, YouTubers, beauty bloggers, users through Dubsmash contest and the BBlunt staff. Read all about BBlunt #DirtyLittleSecret digital campaign.

14. Tata Sky ‘#PyaarJingalala’

This IPL, DTH services provider, Tata Sky continued its tryst with romance in a video-driven campaign called ‘#PyaarJingalala’. It comprised a set of films that showcase Tata Sky’s services and offerings and demonstrate how that helps couples bond with each other. The premise of ‘love’ from last year’s theme of ‘Daily Dillagi’ campaign has been weaved well into each of the video stories. Read all about Tata Sky ‘#PyaarJingalala’ digital campaign.

15. Gail #GiftAMask

Gail India partnered HawaBadlo in a people-driven campaign this May, with the goal to motivate people to commit towards air-friendly habits and reduce pollution. A thought provoking digital film sensitized people about the plight of tragic policemen, while asking them to tweet with #GiftAMask; for every tweet with the hashtag Gail provided a mask to the traffic cops. Social media was leveraged to share facts about pollution, and the need to switch to cleaner habits. Read all about Gail #GiftAMask digital campaign.

16. Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League #AsliPanga

In a bid to maximize its viewership for season 4 of Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League, the channel rolled out video-driven campaign ‘Don’t Watch Fake, #AsliPanga Dekh’ comprising a series of ad films that take a dig at the saas-bahu saga laden with supernatural elements, the newshour debate and the movie blockbuster that defies logic. Social media was populated with informative player stats, hilarious gifs, Kabaddi facts all building the story of Pro Kabaddi League as the #AsliPanga. Read all about Star Sports Pro Kabaddi League #AsliPanga digital campaign.

17. Bajaj Electricals #RightfullyHers

Bajaj Electricals stood out from the brands indulging in Mother’s Day campaigns this year. It launched the #RightfullyHers campaign that got users to demonstrate their love for their mothers on social media in the most simple yet special way – by changing their middle name to their mother’s name on social networking platforms. An emotional digital film was created for this, while sportsmen, celebrities and influencers helped in amplifying the message. Read all about Bajaj Electricals #RightfullyHers digital campaign.

18. Foster’s #HaveYouSeenIt

For the promotions of the new extra cold Foster’s, a digital campaign was unveiled in phases on social media. It set about building curiosity in the beginning, then a story was created around the new kind of beer, next the guy from the ad engaged with fans prior to the reveal. The stand-up comedians and funny guys took over, Jose even reviews the new version. The brand visuals together with the humourous content created by the funny guys helped build curiosity using #HaveYouSeenIt. Read all about Foster’s #HaveYouSeenIt digital campaign.

19. Tanishq Niloufer launch

For the promotions of its new Niloufer collection, Tanishq chose to pay a tribute to the enterprising woman of today, in a bid to define the target segment comprising ‘women who are willing to try something new.’ The ad film tells the story of one such woman who has achieved her dream though her journey has been riddled with apologies to everyone around her. Visuals on social media led users to the collection’s website complete with a catalogue, description and look book. Read all about Tanishq Niloufer launch campaign.

20. Eros Now ‘Phobia’ promotions


For the promotions of the psychological thriller ‘Phobia’ in which the lead protagonist suffers from a severe agoraphobia– the fear of open spaces, Eros Now approached a video-driven path on digital. A series of “What’s your Phobia?” videos featuring the lead actress showcased different forms of phobias like Mysophobia, Astraphobia, Somniphobia Panophobia and some fun phobias like Aunty-O-Phobia – the fear of that one aunty who is always behind you.. Read all about Eros Now ‘Phobia’ promotions digital campaign.

21. Dove ‘Real Beauty’

This April, Dove India launched an India specific campaign celebrating the real beauty of Indian women, under an assertive aim: ‘Let’s break the rules of beauty.’ A digital film by acclaimed filmmaker Pan Nalin featured Indian women of all shapes, colors and sizes come together to celebrate the diversity in beauty, going against the conventional standards of beauty. On social media the brand invited women to apply with their pictures for a chance to be featured. Read all about Dove ‘Real Beauty’ digital campaign.

22. Maggi #NothingLikeMaggi

Maggi has been making a comeback ever since the ban last year. This April, it launched a video series called #NothingLikeMaggi that played on nostalgia. The mom, the hostel guys, the papa who only knows to cook Maggi returned from history, to remind viewers that there’s ‘nothing like Maggi’. The ad, the jingle, the setting was carefully chosen for each of the three films that celebrated the good old spirit of Maggi, the familiar ‘two minutes’ and people-bonding. Read all about Maggi #NothingLikeMaggi digital campaign.

23. Zivame #SalesmanWaliBra

Online lingerie store, Zivame launched a hilarious video campaign to address the primary woes of women buying lingerie offline and having to deal with the salesman. It took on how women had to unnecessarily submit to ill-informed salesman in the form of videos and shared witty gifs and visuals pulling a fast one on wrong sized ‘salesman wali bras’ on social media. Read all about Zivame #SalesmanWaliBra digital campaign.

24. Datsun India #ISayYes

Datsun resorted to stories to celebrate the aspirational Gen-Y who would do anything to chase their dreams. With its latest hatchback ‘redi-Go’ set to be unveiled this April, Datsun India launched a video driven campaign #ISayYes based on success stories of a young boxer, a coder and a dancer. Each of the stories depicted the individuals’ ceaseless journey against hurdles, while social media was populated with inspiring visuals. Read all about Datsun India #ISayYes digital campaign.

25. Turtle #TheBlindspot

This May, men’s lifestyle brand, Turtle launched a beautiful World Turtle Day initiative ‘The Blindspot’, as it does every year for building awareness on the conservation of this endangered species. In association with Premasree, a free residential home for visually impaired children, it created a digital film where visually impaired children helped show the visually gifted world, how beautiful turtles are. Social media was used to spark user action. Read all about Turtle #TheBlindspot digital campaign.

26. Vodafone IPL 2016

Vodafone, sponsor for Vivo IPL 2016, indulged in a range of offline and online engagement activities this IPL. It created a cheer slogan, Hakke Bakke to help spread the joy and spirit of cricket amongst fans and promoted it via influential YouTube channels. Cricketers and celebrities were roped in to show their moves too; in partnership with Twitter, it rolled out Zoozoo emoji for every tweet with #BeSuper and #HakkeBakke. Read all about Vodafone IPL 2016 digital campaign.

27. OPPO ICC T20

Global partner for ICC, OPPO leveraged the country’s biggest sporting event the T20 World Cup with a massive campaign promoting its selfie phone, the F1 as the ‘selfie expert’. Users were encouraged to click and selfies and upload it to the microsite, while the brand roped in an army of celebrities to do the same. Being a selfie expert meant standing a chance to meet the cricketers, winning tickets to the match or getting an autographed phone from the brand ambassador, Hrithik Roshan. Read all about OPPO ICC T20 digital campaign.

28. FreeCharge ‘Lo.Do.Khatam.Karo’

Digital payment platform, FreeCharge, the on-ground partner for VIVO IPL 2016 had launched ‘Lo.Do.Khatam.Karo’ focusing on its Chat-n-Pay service that enables users to send and ask for money instantly through chat, and avoid awkward situations. A series of funny ads imagined what those awkward situations can be. Social media was all about contests and sharing cricket related information and trivia. Read all about FreeCharge Lo.Do.Khatam.Karo digital campaign.

29. Myntra #TryItToLoveIt

After a year of going app-only, Myntra rolled back to its website this May. The ecommerce player launched a digital campaign in a bid to appeal to offline shoppers to try Myntra and also get brand loyalists to get their friends to try too. Going back to the basics, the new films threw light on the advantages of online shopping with Myntra, while visuals inspired by popular screen friendships were populated on social media. Read all about Myntra #TryItToLoveIt digital campaign.

30. Reebok India #FitToFight

Reebok Kangana Ranaut #Fittofight

Reebok’s rebranding exercise saw the sportswear brand rope in actress Kangana Ranaut for its India leg, as she truly embodies the triple essence of Reebok Delta. In the second leg of the campaign, Reebok resorted to user stories along with another film about the actress. Ranaut called on all women to share their inspiring stories. An online platform houses these stories along with Ranaut’s, the most inspiring stories would be brought to life by Reebok at the ‘Be More Human Awards’. Read all about Reebok India #FitToFight digital campaign.

31. Frooti #TheFrootiLife

Frooti, the flagship mango drink brand from Parle Agro introduced a fun life called ‘The Frooti Life’ this year, a fresh diversion from its massive rebranding exercise last year. Brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan discovers the exciting Frooti life after drinking yellow liquid from a vial, inside is a wacky, colourful world where people dressed in bright colours and wearing mango neckpieces are going bonkers. The ad film was revealed in parts, the teaser got users to guess what happens next. Read all about Frooti #TheFrootiLife digital campaign.

32. Hitachi #NothingDirty

For the promotions of its I-Clean range of air conditioners that clean the AC’s filter automatically, Hitachi roped in Badshah, India’s most popular rapper to create the #NothingDirty anthem. Badshah was challenged by VJ Bani to create a rap song out of given lyrics but he finds some lines offensive. He ‘cleans them’ to create the peppy anthem with only clean lines, unlike other rap numbers. Engagement was built with a Dubsmash contest on social media. Read all about Hitachi #NothingDirty digital campaign.

33. HE #HERespect

HE, Emami’s deodorant brand for men, teamed up with comedian Vir Das for the promotions of its deodorant variant ‘HE Respect’ wherein Das makes hilarious jibes at sexist ads, while positioning the new product as ‘deo for men who respect women’. In the ad film, Das mocks every ad: Katrina’s earlier Slice ads where she is seen making love to a mango, the Axe effect ads, the nude woman in a bathtub ad, the booty shaking body-hugging leather suited woman selling motorcycles. Social media was leveraged to drive users to the website that defined the TG – the asli men, they were invited to click selfies with the #HERespect T-shirt. Read all about HE #HERespect digital campaign.

34. Del Monte India #DontBeASucker

In a bid to take on tetrapack juice brands, the canned juice maker launched #DontBeASucker featuring the forever young rapper, Baba Sehgal who has always followed his own heart. He raps about why you should go for a canned juice and not be a sucker for tetrapacks, while witty visuals and gifs on social media served to emphasize why one should not blindly follow others. The campaign also leveraged an army of Twitter influencers to amplify the buzz. Read all about Del Monte India #DontBeASucker digital campaign.

35. TataCLiQ #GetTheOont

For the debut of India’s first phygital marketplace, TataCLiQ by the Tata Group, the etailer roped in a camel, not a celebrity and began spreading the word asking people to #GetTheOont as it was authentic. While everybody wondered about the camel in the ad films, what camel stood for was unveiled only at the end. Social media was leveraged to explain the concept with witty visuals and about freebie offers. Read all about TataCLiQ #GetTheOont digital campaign.

The above campaigns have been compiled from the ones reviewed at LI in the second quarter of 2016. Do share your favourites from the list.