31 Cool Indian Social Media Campaigns Of Quarter 1 2014

A curated list of 31 of the best Indian social media campaigns of Q 1 2014

The first quarter of 2014 has been an interesting one. We’ve seen a rise in integrated social media campaigns in the country that are run in tandem with traditional mediums for a bigger impact. Brands ranging from FMCG to television, telecom, ecommerce, insurance and banking have chosen to experiment and innovate their social engagement levels using storytelling. The year has begun with many firsts in the social media space - first global Twitter recruitment, first digital video commercial, first fully-integrated social bank account, first women only web experience and more.

Here is a random list of 31 of the coolest Indian social media campaigns of Quarter 1, 2014, that have caught our attention for being well aligned to their goals, while also creating engaged communities on social.

1. Philips Lighting ‘Mumbai In A New Light’


LED lighting solutions brand, Philips Lighting teamed up with MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation) to illuminate Mumbai’s most iconic monument, The Gateway of India, with its advanced LED lighting systems having a 16 million colour palette. Bringing to action its message of ‘see what light can do’, the brand ensured the event involved everyone in the city through offline and online ways. After live streaming the illumination through a microsite, a Facebook app was created where fans could experience the lighting themselves. Read more on the campaign here.

2. Zoiro Denin #DontStopDenim

zoiro denin

For the promotions of Denin, denim intimates for men, Zoiro, the designer innerwear brand for men, had launched a day-long interactive campaign featuring VJ Manish as the Zoiro Man. Fans were given the power to keep him in his Denin underwear for the whole day by throwing challenges for him like do the salsa, propose to the chair, dance like a robot, or sing a funny song. One had to use the hashtag #DontStopDenim in their challenge tweets, and in case the hashtag stream had no challenges, he would start wearing his clothes. Read more on the campaign here.

3. Cadbury Silk ‘#FirstLoveIs’

Cadbury Silk #FirstLoveIs doodle1

For the promotions of its limited edition pack for Valentine’s Day, Cadbury Silk, the premium addition to Cadbury Dairy Milk had launched an adorable co-creation campaign called ‘#FirstLoveIs’. In the 2-day campaign, the chocolate brand asked its community to share what first love meant to them, using the hashtag #FirstLoveIs. The best meanings of first love were drawn into cute little doodles, which also display the Twitter handle of the winner, and shared with them in real time. Read more on the campaign here.

4. Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre


This Valentine Day, Cornetto had launched the Cornetto Cupidity Call Centre as a dedicated website and a Facebook app where the icecream brand’s community could do something cupid. One could enter their dedications of love at the centre, and cupid would sing it and create the ‘My Cornetto Valentine Song’. Social media was leveraged to drive fans to the call centre; the extensive co-creation campaign had close to 3650 song videos generated within a record time of 3 days. Read more on the campaign here.

5. Asian Paints Speechless mime videos


As an extension to its ‘speechless’ TVC, Asian Paints had launched the ‘‘The Royale Aspira Beyond Words’ Twitter contest. The 2-day co-creation campaign invited users on Twitter to share what made them go speechless. The best tweets were then converted into mimes dedicated to the creator of that tweet and shared in real time. As per a Campaign India report, 75 mime videos were created from close to 11K tweets received. Read more on the campaign here.

6. Cadbury 5 star ‘#ConditionSeriousHai’

Cadbury 5 star anti seriousness

Cadbury 5 star had launched an anti-seriousness campaign called ‘Inki Condition Serious Hai’, where ‘seriousness’ is considered a social disease that needs to be eradicated with the chocolate bar. The  5-day blogging contest invited bloggers to blog about their encounter with someone or something whose condition was serious. This was accompanied by Facebook and Twitter contests inviting the community to share about ‘serious’ people using the campaign hashtag #ConditionSeriousHai. Read more on the campaign here.

7. Kotak Mahindra Bank ‘Jifi’

Kotak JiFi

For India’s first fully integrated social banking account called ‘Jifi’ designed for the tech-savvy socially connected generation of today, Kotak Mahindra Bank launched a cool social media campaign announcing the arrival of Jifi. The social bank account was launched exclusively at a blogger meet party, and its benefits were explained through video stories. While the social media presence of Jifi has a cool personality, the account makes it a point to engage personally with anybody who has a query on the banking account. Read more on the campaign here.

8. Digital Agency Experience Commerce “Mission _i_ing”

Experience Commerce, one of India’s largest independent pure-play digital marketing agencies had launched ‘Mission _i_ing’, a two-month social recruitment drive to hire creative individuals for various departments in the agency. The letters H & R were missing in ‘Hiring’ as one did not interact with the HR, instead every team in charge of a particular department pitched their requirements through videos. Apart from showcasing the creative talent present in each of the teams, the videos gave a better idea of the work culture, team challenges and team mates to a potential candidate. Read more on the campaign here.

9. HCL Technologies “#CoolestInterviewEver”

HCL coolestinterviewever_microsite

HCL Technologies had launched a global talent hunt for the coolest IT professionals through a unique 3-week recruitment campaign on Twitter  - “#CoolestInterviewEver” contest, powered by a microsite at its core. Applicants needed to follow the company on Twitter and answer 6 questions to register themselves, while the process of evaluation and selection was carried out by HCL HR executives completely on Twitter, including the one-on-one interviews with the top five applicants. Read more on the campaign here.

10. Micromax A94 MAd guessing game


For the launch of Micromax A94, with the preloaded ‘MAd app’ that can give free recharges and bill waive-offs to the owner with the points they earn by watching ads, the mobile handset maker had launched an interesting ad guessing contest called ‘Ad charades’. A microsite powered with a Facebook login hosted Ad charades, where one could score points for guessing the ad correctly. The top 8 scorers of the game won the A94. Read more on the campaign here.

11. Fox Traveller “The Walking Dead” zombie pranks


When the horror drama TV series “The Walking Dead” was to be telecast in India on Fox Traveller last month, the channel initiated some pretty scary events on social media. Fun zombie pranks were carried out in a photo booth and the city, announcing the arrival of the zombies. The zombie attack videos were then shared with fans, in addition to contests on the videos. Fans were invited to contribute with their ideas of an Indian zombie and personalized zombie memes were created for them,. Read more on the campaign here and  here.

12. TONI&GUY #UnlockTheLook


For the promotions of its ‘Hair Meet Wardrobe’ philosophy, premium hair-styling brand, TONI&GUY launched the #UnlockTheLook campaign, where it enabled its community of fashionistas to recreate the season’s catwalk and street-style looks. A Facebook app was created where fans could unlock the 3 statement looks created using the brand’s styling products by voting for their favourite look. They could win passes to the Lakmé Fashion Week, along with brand products  This was followed by how-to videos of the unlocked look that demonstrated the use of the products. Read more on the campaign here.

13. Center Fresh ‘Yeh Wala’


Center Fresh had launched the ‘Yeh Wala’ campaign in which the chewing gum brand took a jibe at how various ads sell products. Aligned with the brand proposition of “Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam“, the message has been well extended onto social media with the use of #YehWala hashtag. A contest run simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter invited fans to write funny taglines under a specific given theme, starting the tagline with the campaign hashtag #YehWala. Read more on the campaign here.

14. Godrej Appliances Women’s Day DVC


Celebrating the special woman on the occasion of Women’s Day, Godrej Appliances, one of the largest players of home appliances in India launched the first digital video commercial  (DVC) with the message to appreciate the woman in our lives. Breaking misconceptions that women are not as tech-savvy as men are, while also showcasing the brand’s products, the DVC featured a multi-tasking woman who is at ease with technology at home and at work. Contests on Twitter asked users to tag the special woman in their lives and describe why she is special using the hashtag #SheIsSpecial. Read more on the campaign here.

15. Nokia Lumia 1520 ‘‘The guy who lost his girlfriend”


For the promotions of Nokia Lumia 1520 as a smartphone to help you ‘capture and relive your memories”, the Finnish phone maker had launched a storytelling campaign called ‘‘The guy who lost his girlfriend’. It was the story of Antonio, a Spanish expat living in India for the last three years and his Indian girlfriend, Yamini, who has split with him. To win her back, Antonio would ask for suggestions through his Facebook page, while useful suggestions were rewarded with branded prizes.  A microsite captured his various antics through videos recorded from the 1520. Read more on the campaign here.

16. VIP Skybags #BackIsTheNewFront

skybags back is new front

For the promotions of its latest backpack collection for the youth, VIP Skybags launched a quirky campaign on social called ‘Back is the new front’. While the commercials showed a new world where youngsters were doing everything backwards including cycling, to show off their stylish backpacks, the same was extended on to social media with reverse selfie contest. One had to show off their unique style with their backs facing the camera either with the help of a mirror or get it clicked by someone. Read more on the campaign here.

17. Tropicana ‘#BreakfastwithTropicana’


Tropicana from PepsiCo wanted to focus on making Tropicana 100% fruit juice as a critical constituent of the breakfast menu and an integral part of a complete breakfast. It launched the #BreakfastwithTropicana campaign where food aficionados and influencers from the digital world were invited to a breakfast meet with a personal invite that included a basket of Tropicana. A #skippedbreakfastbecause contest was launched that invited fans to share their excuses and reasons of missing breakfast. Read more on the campaign here.

18. Quikr Maximum Selling Price (MSP)


Online classifieds marketplace, Quikr had launched a cool campaign for the promotions of its new feature called ‘Maximum Selling Price (MSP)’, a pricing guide that will benefit both buyers and sellers on the platform by determining the fair value for a used good. Apart from a quirky story commercial to explain the benefits of the MSP calculator, Quikr launched fun contests inviting users to interpret the Maximum Selling Price for annoying people in their lives where the best tweets won gift hampers. Read more on the campaign here.

19. Godrej “Dance to my tune”

This Women’s day, Godrej created the world’s first women only web experience, “Dance to my tune” where women could get their men to do anything – clean the house, whip up a meal, do the laundry, etc. while they just sat on the couch decked up in a leather suit and poked fun at their men. Men could only watch other men dancing to their women’s tunes on the website. One needed to login through Facebook, upload the two pictures and select a chore. The video showed the man using Godrej products to complete his chore. Read more on the campaign here.

20. Mirinda ‘Pagalpanti League’


Mirinda , the orange flavoured soft drink brand from Pepsico, had launched the ‘Mirinda Pagalpanti League’ as a evolution to its signature attitude to craziness. Brand ambassador Asin appeared in a series of ads where people played crazy games like playing ping-pong using hand-shaped ‘bats’ fitted on top of their heads. The brand invited fans to share their crazy ideas in the form of text or audio or video using the hashtag #WhatsYourPagalPanti through its Facebook and Twitter pages. One could also WhatsApp their crazy idea for the Mirinda ‘Pagalpanti League’. Read more on the campaign here.

21. eBay India ‘Way too Fab’


When eBay India, one of India’s leading online marketplace in India, turned 9 in March, it launched a 9 day long birthday celebrations campaign called ‘Way too Fab’ that included party games hosted on a dedicated microsite. One could log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts and play a different game every day to win eBay coupons, gifts, etc. With fun games like Spin the Bottle and #WTFSelfie, selfie contest on Instagram, the ecommerce brand managed to create a fun virtual birthday bash for its community. Read more on the campaign here.

22. Zee Café House of Cards premiere


For the premiere of American political drama “House of Cards” on Indian television, Zee Café built an exclusive website targeting working professionals. The website featured exclusive snippets, original wallpapers and life lessons to be learnt from the drama, apart from a personality test to help find one’s real personality. One could also get their ‘Masters in Manipulation’ degree by going through short videos, that are informative snippets from the show meant to enhance one’s political moves in life. Read more on the campaign here.

23. MTS India Digital Pujo Awards


MTS India, one of India’s leading telco had launched the ‘MTS Digital Pujo Awards’ in Kolkata, one of its most important circles, to democratise the best pandal competitions in the city. A microsite was created for the campaign where festival organizers created their profiles and registered their pandals, along with images and other details. Multiple RFID enabled LIKE-O-METERS and booths were set up at the biggest pandals in the city, using which visitors could vote for their favorite Pujo pandals by flashing RFID bands linked to their Facebook accounts in front of the LIKE-O-METERS. Read more on the campaign here.

24. Titan – Joy of Gifting


Extending its brand proposition ‘The joy of gifting’, Titan Watches had launched an emotionally charged ad last December to strengthen the brand’s association with gifting around farewells. Social media was leveraged to enable the community to be a part of the Titan signature tune with interesting contests.  A website was built where the community could share their very own version of the Titan tune by either whistling or humming or playing it on a piano, while they record and share it on the site powered by Facebook and Twitter logins. Read more on the campaign here.

25. Lay’s Best Buddies Season 2014

Lay's best buddies Facebook image

Lay’s, the potato chip brand from PepsiCo India had rolled out a brand new communication line for 2014 with the launch of ‘Lay’s Best Buddies’, as part of strengthening its brand philosophy – ‘Pal banaye magical’. The new ads were released as a series of episodes telling the story of brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor and his college buddies, and shared on social media. While the story unfolded, the community was engaged with contests inviting fans to name the gang. Read more on the campaign here.

26. Philips & MTV StyleTurf couple selfies


Cashing in on the popularity of selfies, grooming brand Philips teamed up with MTV to bring a one-of-its-kind selfie contest for couples called the StyleTurf. Couples needed to style themselves, click a selfie and either upload it onto the StyleTurf microsite or share on their social networks adding the hashtag #StyleTurf. While the winning couple won a date, grooming products from Philips, apart from the chance to feature on MTV, the styling brand created a strong visibility across multiple social networks. Read more on the campaign here.

27. Star Movies Action ‘#UltimateIronManFan’


For the TV premiere of Iron Man 3 on Star Movies Action, the channel had launched the ‘#UltimateIronManFan’ contest.  A microsite was created to provide fans with information about the movie story, cast, videos and wallpapers in addition to the #UltimateIronManFan challenge. While there were daily prizes of movie merchandise, the ‘#UltimateIronManFan’ to answer the question flashed during the premiere won the grand prize of an LCD television. Read more on the campaign here.

28. Zee Studio ‘TweetUrFlick’


As a mark of social democracy, Zee Studio had launched #TweetUrFlick, an initiative which allows the viewer to pick the movie they want to watch from the choices given to them via Twitter. The announcement was made through an interesting teaser activity led by the hashtag #TwitterElectionsComingSoon, where with the help of visuals, the channel asked questions related to Hollywood movie stars. Read more on the campaign here.

29. Garnier Pure Active ‘Lights Camera Action’

Garnier pure active dabang creative

Skin care brand, Garnier Pure Active had created a series of animated videos of the iconic scenes from yesteryear Bollywood films to drive home its message of knocking out pimples. Scenes were taken from classics like Sholay, DDLJ and Ghulam in which the characters are seen suffering from pimples and are finally rescued by brand ambassador, Alia Bhatt who recommends the new pimple fighting product. Coupled with a blog, the story visuals and social media contests, the campaign managed to reach out to its target community. Read more on the campaign here.

30. Bharti AXA The Working Patient

Bharti_AXA_working_patient_Facebook app

Bharti AXA General Insurance company launched the ‘Working Patient’ campaign with a series of interesting videos and engaging activities on social media for the promotions of its new plan – the Critical Illness insurance policy. Storytelling through funny videos of a critically ill chemist, a professor, an air-hostess among others was shared along with the #WorkingPatient contest that encouraged the community to share their personal stories of having worked despite being critically ill. Read more on the campaign here.

31. MTS Internet Baby ‘Born for the Internet’

MTS Internet baby ad

For the promotions of the MTS 3GPlus network, the telco had launched the MTS Internet baby who is born for the internet with an endearing and smart TVC targeted to the digital natives. The MTS Internet baby is shown cutting the umbilical cord at birth, to taking a selfie and posting it on Instagram, creating a video on YouTube among other digitally savvy behaviours. The film was first premiered as a leaked bit torrent before being shared on social networks or television. The internet baby has been sharing his updates on the brand’s pages since then. Read more on the campaign here.

The above is curated from the social media campaigns reviewed in the first quarter of this year, hence there could be many other worthy campaigns that we might have missed out. If you are aware of such social media campaigns that deserve a mention here, do share them with us in the comments.

Don’t forget to also share your favorite campaign from this list.