300M Active Users Globally On WhatsApp. Over 20M Active Users From India

WhatsApp has introduced Voice Messaging feature and has also revealed that the app has 300 million active users, 20 million active users from India.

Good news! The world’s most popular mobile messaging app – WhatsApp has announced a new feature and fresh numbers to give you a feel of its reign in the market. The four-year old messaging app has introduced Voice Messaging feature and has also revealed that the app is up from its 250 million to 300 million active users.


The cross platform messaging app that works across iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian devices, had shared recently on its Twitter handle, that it had processed a record 27 billion messages in a 24 hour period. Adding up to those numbers, the company says it processes 11 billion sent messages and 20 billion received messages, or 31 billion totals, on a daily basis. The app also sees 325 million photo uploads each day.

Besides this, the app – also the most popular messaging app in India – has revealed that the country contributes 20 million monthly active users. Along with India, countries like – Germany, Spain and Mexico are the only other countries that have over 20 million monthly active users.

Apart from numbers, the messaging app which added 50 million users globally in approx 45 days is updating the push-to-talk feature. The new feature which is a common feature in other rival apps like WeChat, Line, etc. will allow users to go for voice messaging. The new feature that will be rolled out in the next 24 hours would require users to simply tap and hold the microphone icon to record and the message is sent on release.

The latest numbers further build up the dominance of the app globally and in India as well. India has been witnessing the growth of messaging apps – along with WhatsApp, we have Hike, WeChat and the new entrant LINE in the market.

Hike, the homegrown messaging app from Bharti SoftBank, has more than five million users and had recently announced that it has added some exciting features such as a set of new Stickers.

WeChat, the mobile messaging service from the Chinese Internet giant Tencent, has also been investing a lot in India in recent months. The mobile messaging service that has more than 300M users out of which 50M are global users, had integrated with recent Bollywood movies and was endorsed by young Bollywood stars Parineeti Chopra and Varun Dhawan.

Backed by Line Corp, a unit of South Korea’s biggest Internet search provider NHN Corp, LINE was launched early last month. On its launch in India, it had released two TVC’s targeting the youth of the country. One of the TVC promoted the free voice chat feature of the app and the other TVC focused on Stickers or rich emoticons communication. Besides this Jun Masuda, Line’s chief strategy and marketing officer in an interview to WSJ, had revealed that the app has got a tremendous growth and has grabbed 5 million Indian users in a matter of three weeks.

But the most interesting bit about WhatsApp’s growth at least in India has been without any marketing spend. The app has concentrated on the ease of messaging and this has been one of the reasons of its popularity.

Image courtesy: Facebook