32 Seriously Funny Tweets From #AreYouSerious

After #VadraAttackedJournalist trends on Twitter, #AreYouSerious was next to trend. The article curates 32 funny tweets from the trend


Last weekend was an eventful one for Twitter trends in India. We had Rahul Gandhi trending once again,  #OpenYourLegs created controversy, Twitter India trending for having suspended select accounts and by evening we had #VadraAttackedJournalist, all trending in one day. A funny weekend for users and extra weekend work for the Twitter comedians.

We had earlier reported how Twitter users reacted to the irrational behavior of businessman Robert Vadra - son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Reports stated that, Robert Vadra angrily pushed away the mic of a reporter when he was asked about his land deals in Haryana. “Are you serious? Are you serious?” he snapped, adding, “Are you nuts? What is wrong with you?”

Robert who is a fitness enthusiast, was attending a private event – a gym inauguration at a Delhi hotel. Robert was quite cool till the time conversation with the ANI journalist was about fitness and inauguration of the gym but he lost it when asked about his controversial land deals.

This incident led #VadraAttackedJournalist to trend on Twitter; simultaneously #AreYouSerious topped Twitter India trends with tweets brimming with humour and sarcasm. 

Listed below are 32 of the seriously funny tweets from #AreYouSerious: