3 Reasons Why You Should Be A Part Of LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016

From a feature on LI to a trophy, we've listed 3 reasons why agencies/brands should be a part of online LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016


In recognition of the awesome work by brands and their agencies in the Indian mobile marketing space, Lighthouse Insights (LI) recently announced the ‘LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016’.

LI Mobile Marketing Awards are open for both agencies as well as brands. You can submit work from 2015 and the first half of 2016. The participating fees is Rs. 20,000/- (One entry = 2 case studies (max) = Rs. 20,000/- plus taxes)

The moment there is a submission fee, the first thought that comes to mind – what do we get in return? So here’s listing the three reasons that will make you want to be a part of ‘LI Mobile Marketing Awards 2016’:

Get featured on Lighthouse Insights

From of the two case studies (one entry) a brand/agency submits to us, one of them will get featured on Lighthouse Insights. You can submit work from 2015 and the first half of 2016. We will get in touch with you, get your nod for the best one of the two you want published on LI for our readers. This also means the featured case study gets the required buzz along with social shares, as well as a feature in the Lighthouse Insights newsletter.

Get featured on our case study ebook

Like B2C we would publish the best mobile marketing case studies in an ebook, so that it becomes an industry hand book for digital marketers and brand managers. (Read: 43 Best Indian Digital Marketing Case Studies Of 2015)

We will go through a shortlisting process based on criteria like: how well has the executed campaign been aligned with the brand objective, creativity, originality and consumer connect achieved. The shortlisted ones make it to the eBook as well as move to the final round.

2016 EBOOK will be distributed across the digital industry space for free.

Best digital campaigns will be awarded

This year it’s not just about publishing an industry ebook but we have decided to reward the best work too. Lighthouse Insights will select the best case studies from the list that goes into the ebook. The shortlisting process remains as we did for the LI Digital Campaign Awards 2015.

This is the B2C digital campaign award;

Last date for submissions is July 22nd, 2016.