How 22Feet ensured maximum participation for eBay India’s Dhanbola - India’s first ever online Tambola

Case study by 22Feet & eBay India aimed to gain maximum viewership and participation for Dhanbola Diwali campaign, submitted under the category: 'Best Use of Social Network' for LI Digital Awards 2017

Ebay Diwali Dhanbola

The Client

eBay is an American multinational corporation and e-commerce company, providing consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales services via the Internet. eBay India being one of the leading e-commerce companies is digitally driven with campaigns that are looked forward to.

The Agency

22feet is a digital solutions provider, where the people, the culture, the work, and the possibilities are as interesting as the ’22feet story’. We didn’t measure the human gut. However, Wikipedia tells us it’s 22feet long. We’re a digital solutions provider whose engines run on ‘gut fuel’. We go by instinct, in everything we do the work we create, the people we hire, the clients we choose, for everything, we trust the 22feet in us to tell us which box to tick.

We believe that creativity and technology should not sit in different cubicles and meet only at the point of execution, instead our work culture encourages continuous conversations between these two pillars on which any successful digital solutions is built. At 22feet, it’s all about conversations. Conversations between the creatively-bent and the technologically-inclined. Conversations between brands and consumers. Conversations between ‘practical’ and ‘impossible’. Conversation between today and the day-after-tomorrow. The conversation never stops.

Problem Statement

Dhanbola live along with the game Tambola had other filler content talking about the brand, its 10 crore products and some contests. The set of audience that came to see Dhanbola live were in the middle of their day to day activities and restless to win the game.

Identified Objectives

  • To give out information and keep up the excitement for Dhanbola.
  • To have ____ number of registrations
  • To have _____ number of Facebook live views

The Strategy/Execution

Idea and Insight

From the get go, we knew the answer lay in tapping into this universal nostalgia for the Diwali season. But to sit up and take notice amongst all the brands putting out their Diwali message, our seasoned audience needs a bigger incentive than small contests to engage with our brand.

And with those requirements laid down, the solution was obvious: A big online Diwali party, with music, an entertaining host, and as the piece de resistance… a big fat game of Tambola!



It all started with a small game of Tambola which later became an online party. With the intention to give our audience and customers onsite a “Loudest Diwali Ever,” we started by giving our Dhanbola tickets. These tickets were slotted as per the purchase value an individual. There were four types of tickets.

Green tickets for everyone registered on
Bronze tickets with one number crossed out for those who bought above Rs. 2500.
Silver tickets with two numbers crossed out for those who bought above Rs. 5000.
Gold tickets with three numbers crossed out for those who bought above Rs. 10000.

Tickets went to all ebay users right up to 5 days before the event using social channels, SMS and emailers.

Facebook Live was chosen as the means of putting out the numbers primarily as a method of ensuring authenticity of the numbers being called out on the spot. In addition to that, with Facebook Live, we could scale up the event to be even bigger than just eBay’s own version of Tambola… Dhanbola.

From the week before the live event, posts went out encouraging people to shop for tickets that would have fewer numbers, and would give them a better chance of winning. People were encouraged to sign up and shop at eBay. Those who were already eBay users were asked to sit tight, and wait for the news about what was the first ever Facebook Live Tambola.

Since the event itself was scaled up as more than just Dhanbola, we needed to make sure we had a host for the event who would not just announce numbers, but would deftly entertain and handle a live audience for upwards of an hour, while keeping with the brand statement of “Things Don’t Judge”. With that in mind, practiced stand up comedian Zakir Khan was finalized as the host for the event. The prizes for the different levels of the game, from Macbook Pros to Speakers, were pushed out to incentivize participation.


Facebook: 17.5% Engagement (52 Posts)

Twitter: 1.63% Engagement (25 Posts)


Event Page Performance:


Combination of sharable content, posts about the gratifications, and information about Dhanbola:

Number of posts : 23
Eng – 1921 (like, comments , shares)
Reach – 115576
Eng rate – 1.662 %

Number of posts : 22
Eng – 60,862 (like, comments , shares)
Reach – 1606592
Eng rate – 3.788 %

Twitter Engagement:

Number of posts : 4242
Users – 515
Reach – 3,191,555
Impressions– 43,865,900

During Event:


Peak Live Viewers- 6760
Minutes Viewed- 252662
Unique Viewers- 28088
Video Views- 41683
10 Second Views- 27695
Average Watch Time- 2:33
Page Likes- 3865365
Video Duration- 2:00 hrs


Number of posts:  26
Eng – 25,428
Reach – 1752050
Eng rate – 1.451 %


Twitter - Number of posts during the event:  2
Eng - 82 (like, comments, shares)
Reach – 7297
Eng rate – 1.124 %


  • Improve mechanism to track numbers.
  • People had become very impatient during the event and were not interested in much else apart from the numbers being announced.
  • We had to spell out the instructions on each and every post and communication outlet since it was not clear to people who joined later.