22 major updates from Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, WeChat, Instagram & Snapchat

Social network news of the week - 360 photos coming the Facebook Instant Articles, Instagram adds Stories to search,Pinterest launches the Pin Collective, and more

Snapchat’s new terms raise questions for media brands’ Snapchat teams: Snapchat wants tostop sharing ad revenue with its media partners and pay them licensing fees instead. That means guaranteeing publishers a payday up front, while limiting what they might earn in the long run. The move could have implications for media outlets that have built up dedicated Snapchat staffs — sometimes of upwards of 10 people.

360 photos and videos are coming to Facebook’s Instant Articles: Facebook’s Instant Articles — the format that displays publishers’ content in a faster-loading, distraction-free view when accessed by Facebook users on mobile devices — are about to get more interactive. The social network announced today that these articles will now support 360 videos and photos — meaning, publishers can include 360 content in-line, which users can then navigate by turning their mobile device, or tapping and dragging.

Fueled by the Audience Network, Facebook advertisers saw higher Q3 spends & returns: A new report from social ad automation company Nanigans shows substantial growth in both YoY Facebook ad spend and on the overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). In Q3 2016, the average increase in ad spend was +249 percent YoY, while the average ROAS was also up 26 percent from 2015.

Pinterest announces Pin Collective, connecting businesses with content creators: Marketers already have a lot on their hands, but sourcing content doesn’t necessarily have to be one of them. Pinterest understands that looking for top-notch graphical content can be time-consuming and arduous, so they’ve announced the launch of the Pin Collective.

Instagram Stories get mixed reviews from marketers: Earlier this week, Instagram moved its Snapchat-like Stories to the Explore tab and announced that the feature has about 100 million daily active users. Now that Stories has been out for a few months, brands have had some time to form a few opinions on the feature.

Pinterest is working on a new ‘Explore’ section for publishers, brands: Pinterest is building a new media channel for publishers and brands to create videos and multimedia posts, according to advertisers familiar with the plans. There will be places for advertisers to buy into media sections.

Snapchat may stop sharing ad revenue with Discover media partners in favour of a flat upfront fee: According to Recode, Snapchat now has ambitions to pay content partners a flat license fee upfront and keep the ad money for itself, adopting the same model that TV broadcasters use when they commission content. Ultimately it would mean Snapchat would have full control of its ad inventory.

Facebook rolls out recommendation feature that lets your friends tell you what to do:Facebook has added a recommendation tool that helps you discover new places, events, things to do, and services around you by drawing on your friends. If you find an event to attend, Facebook has made the ticket-buying process more seamless. And when it’s time to interact with a business, there are new call-to-action buttons you can use.

Facebook embraces utility with food ordering and ticketing: Facebook wants you to participate in your community, not just talk about it, with a slew of new features launching today. From Facebook Pages, you’ll now be able to order food through Delivery.com and Slice, request an appointment through MyTime, get a professional services quote, or buy movie and event tickets through Ticketmaster and EventBrite without leaving Facebook.

LinkedIn re-endorses Endorsements with relevance and targeting features: A new version of endorsements, LinkedIn says, will be supercharged with machine learning algorithms to surface endorsements that are more relevant to the person viewing your profile. And endorsements will now also feature targeting, so that when you would like a peer to verify your skill, LinkedIn will send that recommendation to a person who is more likely to fulfil it.

Facebook adds new tools for local discovery and commerce: Facebook is adding more tools for consumers and business owners. The most significant of these new tools is online food ordering and the ability to buy tickets and book appointments on Pages through “call to action” buttons. Facebook has partnered with Booker, BookingBug, Front Desk, HomeAdvisor, MyTime, Pingup, Schedulicity, Setster, Simplybook.me, EventBrite, Ticketmaster, Fandango, Porch and TalkLocal.

Pinterest launches the Pin Collective so brands can hire influencers to create ads: Pinterest is moving deeper into the influencer marketplace with a new program that matches brands and advertisers with content creators to create “inspiring, actionable pins.” With this feature —called the Pin Collective — the company behind the popular visual search and idea engine has hand-selected a group of publishers, production shops, and creators to craft pins that capture users’ attention.

Google shares data on how mobile is set to impact shopping this holiday: Along with a set of recommendations for effectively reaching shoppers on mobile this holiday season, Google published a compilation of stats to help round out a picture of how mobile is influencing shopping behaviors in-store and online.

Twitter Hires AngelHack Founder for Virtual Reality Initiative (EXCLUSIVE): Twitter has hired AngelHack founder Gregory Gopman to work on its nascent virtual reality (VR) initiative, Variety has learned. The company may add native 360-degree video integration as well as 360-degree video live streaming to its products in the coming months.

Instagram adds Stories to search and explore tab: Two months ago, Instagram launched its Snapchat Stories feature, which lets users create candid snapshots of their day. Now after more than 100 million people have become daily viewers, Instagram is making stories more visible to its 500 million monthly active users. Starting today, they’ll be accessible within the photo-sharing app’s Explore tab, helping more people discover what others are seeing throughout the day.

Facebook Live unlocks scheduling and pre-stream lobby, first for verified Pages: Facebook is helping broadcasters plan and promote their Live streams ahead of time, and assemble their audiences in a waiting room so they have viewers the second the camera starts rolling. Today Facebook is rolling out Live video scheduling, scheduled broadcast sharing, and pre-broadcast lobbies to verified Pages. The plan is to roll out Live scheduling to all Pages in the coming weeks, and to developers of third-party Live API tools soon.

Facebook Messenger suggests what to talk about with “Conversation Topics” feature: Facebook Messenger may have already hit the billion-user club this past summer, but the company is always looking for new ways to increase app usage. The latest attempt is the introduction of “conversation topics” on Messenger – a feature offering suggestions about what to talk about with friends.

Facebook’s Signal app for journalists now includes live video: Facebook announced anupdate for its journalist app aimed at keeping media apprised of what people are talking about on the social network and Instagram. Starting Wednesday, Signal for Facebook and Instagram will receive support for live video, meaning that there’ll be a new column in the dashboard, replacing the current FBNewswire/Politicswire column powered by Storyful. The goal is to help surface more Facebook Live content that could be used to inform articles and real-time reporting.

Twitter trolls were part of the reason why Salesforce walked away from a deal: According to CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer, Salesforce was turned off by a more fundamental problem that’s been hurting Twitter for years: trolls.

Google’s desktop search could be out of date compared to mobile results soon: Desktop Google searches could end up slightly out of date compared to those done via smartphones, as the company begins to push mobile search. Google is fully splitting its search index into two distinct versions: a rapidly updated mobile one, and a separate, secondary search index for the desktop web.

Ad buyers see promise in Twitter’s Instagram-like carousel ads: Some marketers are enticed by Twitter’s new Instagram-like carousel ad unit. GroupM has run carousel ads for NBC Universal, Pandora jewelry, Nestlé’s Lean Cuisine, AB InBev’s Stella Artois, Unilever’s Hellmann’s and Panera Bread, according to Kieley Taylor, GroupM head of paid social. Carousel ads featuring the NBC Universal film “The Secret Life of Pets” were clicked on 22 percent more often than Twitter ads for other entertainment companies were clicked on, on average.

WeChat made a drone that flies around and streams video to your friends: Tencent, the maker of WeChat, has a new drone on the way, expected to be available for sale by the end of October for $299. The Ying drone will stream video directly to WeChat, the most popular messaging platform in China, which boasts over 800 million active users. The drone’s camera can capture 4K video and will stream at 720p HD quality.