22 Funny Tweets On Rahul Gandhi’s Speech At #AICCmeet

Curated 22 hilarious tweets on Rahul Gandhi's speech at the AICC meet that happened yesterday in the capital

Rahul gandhi social media

Rahul gandhi social media With the elections in the country inching closer the fight between the two biggest parties in the country is heating up. While the BJP has nominated the Gujarat Chief Minister as its PM candidate, the Congress party is yet to decided. Present times haven’t been that great with the party suffering a major blow in the recent state elections and the constant debate whether Rahul Gandhi should be nominated as the PM candidate.

Often the Gandhi scion has been looked upon as a weak leader by the opposition. Internet and social media sites have been critical about the past goof ups he has done while giving speeches or statements.

Yesterday was a different day at the AICC meet held in the capital. The party saw a new Rahul who was aggressive and leaving no stone unturned in bashing the opposition and the new political party, AAP. Congress has labelled it as a great speech that has motivated the party workers before the crucial fight that is to happen in the coming months. One can read the highlights of his speech or if you are influenced by the Gandhi leader then here is his video speech.

With #AICCmeet trending since yesterday morning, keyword Rahul Gandhi started trending as soon as he held the mike. Twitter as usual was waiting to take a dig on the bold statements made by Rahul. We have curated here a set of 22 tweets we thought were hilarious: