71% Indians Use Social Media For Customer Service [American Express Study]

71% Indians use social media to get a customer response, same as last year but significantly up from 54% in 2012 shares the latest survey of American Express.


“71% Indians use social media to get a customer response, same as last year but significantly up from 54% in 2012. In Japan, only 29% used social media for customer response while in Hong Kong the number stood at 29%.” These findings are the part of the latest survey conducted by American Express.

American Express Global Customer Service Barometer (CSB), which did a random online survey of 1,000 respondents each in the three Asian countries this year and found out that Indian consumers are more digital savvy for reporting and resolving customer service experiences over social media than their counterparts in Japan and Hong Kong.

The survey further states that 41% Indians said they always receive resolution of their customer service issues through social media, for Japan and Hong Kong the numbers stand at 12% and 18%, respectively.

However at the same time Indian customers are the most reactive with 73% having dropped an intended purchase or transaction due to poor customer service as compared to 56% and 40%, respectively, for Hong Kong and Japan.

Top four reasons for which Indian consumers use social media on customer service are:

1. Sharing information about service experiences (56 percent)

2. Asking others about how to get better service (50 per cent)

3. Praising a company for great service experience (47percent)

4. Seek an actual response from a company about a service issue (47 per cent) and seek recommendations from.

The other key findings of CSB are that businesses in India can reap the most rewards by providing excellent service via social media. “Nearly nine-in-ten Indian customers are willing to spend more (average 22 percent) for better service as against 55 percent willing to spend 10 percent more in Japan and 65 percent willing to spend 12 percent in Hong Kong.”

The biggest learning for brands investing money on digital will have to invest time and money in effective listening of customer problems and trying to resolve rather than diverting social media customer queries to traditional channels such as email or call center.

Released earlier this year, Waggener Edstrom Communications (WE) second edition of its proprietary Asia-Pacific research study shared that 59% of respondents are “very likely” to follow a brand on social media.

The 2015 study that surveyed over 4,000 consumers in nine key markets across Asia-Pacific, informed that Indians follow brands on social media to receive general brand news (29%), discounts and promotions from the brand (27%) and better customer service (23%).

Are you still ignoring customer queries raised on social media about your product or service?