Insights From 2012 Indian Bloggers’ Mindset Survey

Insights from the 2012 Indian Bloggers’ Mindset Survey which was released by 20:20 MSL and Blogathon India


20:20 MSL and Blogathon India recently released Bloggers’ Mindset Survey according to India Digital Review. Being a blogger, the inquisitiveness to find out what my fellow bloggers think, led me to explore it. So here is a quick snapshot of the report.

2012 Bloggers’ Mindset Survey

Today the blogging world has changed from what it was 5 years back. For example, 2-3 years back we could really not think of brands  engaging aggressively with bloggers. Not only that social media has played a big role in content distribution, as Ashish Sinha recently shared with us. Gautam Ghosh, another noted blogger who recently completed 10 years shared that conversations have moved from blogs to Twitter. Additionally, brands are now targeting influencers in their niche and engaging with them as we had seen in the Society Tea campaign or the well integrated Stayfree campaign.

The report has tried to capture the same with the sample size of 90. All the respondents are from Delhi NCR who had participated in the city’s blogathon on May 26th, 2012. For the study, bloggers have been broken up between technology and non-technology bloggers. Non-technology bloggers included bloggers who blog about fashion, food, etc.

Brand Blogger Interaction

1. According to the bloggers, Dell tops the charts when it comes to engaging with bloggers. Samsung and Apple are the other two followed after Dell.

2. 30% of bloggers prefer that other than phones, they should be contacted by Facebook followed by Email and Twitter. However, only 23% of non-tech bloggers prefer that they should be contacted by Facebook and another 28% want it by e-mail. Another interesting fact that has been highlighted is that 14% non-tech bloggers prefer for a face-to-face meet but tech bloggers are not at all interested in this mode.


3. Majority of bloggers spend less than 5 hours of blogging per week and technology bloggers are the most active ones. The tech bloggers spend 40 hours per week.

Bloggers Mindset On Social Networking

1. 28% bloggers prefer Google Plus after Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus finds more interest from tech bloggers. Pinterest is another network that is catching up fast among bloggers, leaving LinkedIn behind by both tech and non tech bloggers.  The report also tells that 40% bloggers spend time on other social networks but nothing has been mentioned in this area.


2.  Facebook gets the maximum traffic for bloggers and it comes as no surprise when it is the largest social network in the country. The other networks which are driving traffic to bloggers are Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn respectively. The traffic stats remain more or less the same for tech and non tech bloggers.


Bloggers’ Mindset On Internet Access

Technology bloggers (58%) spend more than 6 hours accessing internet via phones or tablets. However, 24%  non-tech bloggers spend close to 2-4 hrs. The figures remain same more or less for bloggers accessing the internet daily from laptop or desktop. 63% tech bloggers use laptop/computer more than 6 hours daily and 55% non-tech bloggers join them here.

Bloggers’ Mindset on brand ambassadors

1. Aamir Khan is the most favorite brand ambassador followed by Amitabh Bachchan and Sachin Tendulkar. All of the brand ambassadors are the likes of either cricketers or Bollywood celebrities.

2. Samsung is considered as a youth brand followed by Airtel and Flipkart. The list of the top 10 youth brands include tech companies, both the cola companies, fashionable brands, etc.


Bloggers’ Mindset on e-commerce and dream gadgets

1. Flipkart is the clear winner as it is the preferred e-commerce site by bloggers. The love for Flipkart is more from tech bloggers (43%). However the loyalty of non-tech bloggers is wisely spread among Flipkart, Others and Ebay. is a preferred site by non-tech bloggers too.


2. No surprises when bloggers shared their choice of dream gadgets. Apple rules all the way followed by Samsung.

Final Thoughts

The report provides some great insights but does have some missing gaps such as: a) what factors were considered when Dell has been voted as the most engaging brand by bloggers, b) the sample size is small and from a single location.

Last year, Drizzlin had published a report on the state of Indian Blogosphere, which proved that blogging was far from dead. The findings were the result of Drizzlin’s interaction with 32 Indian bloggers representing the popular genres. It would be interesting to see if someone comes forward to do a survey in metro and non metro cities.

Nevertheless, the report showcases some interesting facts along with the role social media and technology is playing. Do have a look and let us know what you think.

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