November 2011

Google Plus Business Pages - Short Of Expectations?

Can you tell me what is associated with these two dates June 28 and November 7, 2011? The question becomes simple if you are a product guy or a crazy social network guy. June 28, 2011- Google launches its new social network ‘Google plus’ for [...]

Akosha’s Engagement With It’s Community On Twitter

Consumer issues are never ending. Sometimes the brand is not interested in listening or it is too big to look at such petty issues. A few years back if you had a problem, you grumbled, cussed and then started adjusting with the problem. In today’s [...]

My Views On The Gillette India Campaign ‘People’s Gateway Movement’

Facebook engagement is a challenge for brands, so that leads us to find interesting campaigns sprouting every now and then. Of late, we witnessed quite a few brands engaging with their fans around the backdrop of CSR. To name a few, we had the mighty Tata [...]

Online Deal Sites- Empowering Indian Consumers And Merchants

The social nature of the internet has made our world smaller and flatter. As individuals, this has led us to leverage our networks to make decisions, share information, create content and amplify it in the online space. The fact that we like to be [...]

Social Media Policy, Do We Need It?

Social Media is now in your face; there’s no getting away from it. For a user it means connecting with friends, sharing pictures, tagging people, scoring in social games, etc. In this social world, brands have also penetrated to connect with their users. [...]

In Conversation With Kiruba Shankar

Two things are noticeable when you meet Kiruba Shankar, one is his dashing moustache and second is his humble behavior.  I had the opportunity to meet this suave gentleman at the #socialindia conference in Bangalore. The first thing he told me was a sorry [...]