September 2011

Creativa India Discusses Customer Support via Social Media

I had always been a Friday guy but times have changed for me. Grey hair are popping out of my scalp and Friday’s are no more fun. My new found  love is for Wednesday night’s as the team of Lighthouse Insights have started to have a ball. Our [...]

Red Digital Rolls Out Foursquare Campaign For Monginis

Indian brands are now experimenting with different ways of engaging and holding fans on their various social networks. Monginis which is one of them, has recently launched India’s biggest location based service (LBS) using Foursquare across its 447 [...]

QVENDO, Private Online Shopping Club Engages With Indibloggers

Indiblogger is a platform where bloggers get their due. It is not only about sharing content and forming a likeminded community but brand association matters too. The recently published Indian Blogosphere report also highlights it and the same was shared [...]

Robin, Co-Founder Of Drizzlin Talks About Indian Blogosphere 2011

‘Blogging is dead’ is a phrase that pops up every now and then. It became more frequently discussed topic with the rise of social networks but Drizzlin Media’s report on the state of Indian Blogosphere, proves it wrong. However, it also showcased [...]

Sorav Jain Shares His Vision Behind Social Media Summit 2011

What do you need to know beyond buzzwords and roadmaps to stay ahead in the race? You certainly should know the ground reality about how the buzzword can help your business and secondly how to go about doing it. While most marketers are aware of the new [...]

Trolly, A Social Commerce Facebook App

Facebook is the Mecca for apps these days. Every developer wants to make a killer app on Facebook and Trolly is one of them. Trolly is an app developed by Adepto Solutions, a company run by ex Google colleagues, Prem Pillai and Kiran K. In simple words, [...]