August 2011

LinkedIn India Success Stories

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network has more than 100 million users. This is old news but don’t you think there will be at least a million stories to be shared. Stories of success, collaboration and leads. The more than 10 million Indians [...]

Fashionatclick, Fashion Brand Engages On Social Media

Fashionatclick, the word itself gives you the glimpses of a fashionable ecommerce portal. Fashionatclick is all about what women want to keep their style quotient upbeat and Manvi Singh is doing an awesome job. Manvi, the brain behind Fashionatclick is [...]

Sameer Pitalwalla Talks About SponsoredTweets And IZEA Collaboration

One forty characters can make you earn money so make your tweets count. No we are not joking and UTV interactive, the digital arm of UTV’s new move can earn you money while you tweet. UTV Interactive has tied hands with IZEA, a leading international [...]

Aap Nahi Aaoge? YouTube Campaign For IAC

Today is the day when Anna Hazare is going to finally break his fast after 13 days. As citizens of India, we are very happy to have supported the whole movement of Annaji and been associated with India Against Corruption-Pune. Such revolutions happen once [...]

Why Indian Social Networks Have Re-positioned-A Retrospect

Orkut opened the doors for me to the world of Social networks and with time I moved on to Facebook. Well, we all did isn’t it? But one question kept on haunting me that why India has no social network when we don’t have any dearth of talent. Pick up [...]

What is Social Media Not?

I don’t proclaim to be a social media guru but I am a social media believer. With the traits of being a believer, I try to observe people on social media. It is not just thought leaders and brands, I watch people, startups, SMEs, etc. all over and [...]