July 2011

HappyWhy, Your Facebook Magazine

Glossy paper, glamorous models, crisp writing were a weekly attraction to me in the form of magazines. Every week I used to spend around Rs. 100 in purchasing magazines to quench my reading thirst and to be well informed. The digital revolution changed [...]

Five Free Twitter Apps To Make You Productive

Twitter is an ocean and the more you go deep into it, the more you tend to be lost. Productivity goes down the drain and you spend hours without making any sense of the 140 characters. However the Twitter developer community has built some great apps that [...]

Are You Influential On Social Media?

I believe by asking this question,‘Are you influential on Social Media?’, I have opened the Pandora’s Box. Well if it is, then let it be. Social media has evolved in the last couple of years and India is keeping pace too. As social media moved [...]

How To Engage With Fans On Facebook Fan Page

For a startup, managing a Facebook fan page is not easy and I am aware of it. Creating a Facebook profile and maintaining a fan page are two different things. The biggest challenge for a community manager or a person who is managing is to build a vibrant [...]

Mealnut, Engaging With Social Media

I stayed a decade away from home and one of the problems that has haunted me always was the quality and hygiene of food that I ate. As a student, when you stay in dingy hostels with pathetic food being served in mess or tiffin’s, its the bonding of [...]

Will The New LinkedIn Button Kill Resumes?

LinkedIn recently launched its new “Apply with LinkedIn” button which began appearing beside job postings on different company websites such as Netflix and Living Social. With this new feature, job hunters will be able to share their LinkedIn [...]