June 2011

Librarywala-An Online Social Library

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life - Henry Ward Beecher As a student we were taught the importance of reading books and today when we look back sometimes, don’t we miss the old libraries? Library was just not for books, it [...]

BharatMatrimony And LinkedIn Join Forces!

Finding a life partner is not an easy task especially when you are looking for an arranged marriage. The first question that is asked when you approach someone is where you are working? where all have you worked? and is it a big brand? The questions are [...]

Apps To Consider For A Twitter Chat

Twitter Chat is not a new thing on Twitter but the purpose makes it still popular. It’s an online chat on Twitter with a purpose. Twitter Chats are amazing to listen, learn, share ideas and build relationships that can also help in your business. We [...]

TaxSpanner Launches Facebook Campaign To Reform Indian Tax System

‘TAX’ the word itself is quite good enough to give you hiccups but the new initiative by Taxspanner might be a boon for all Indian tax payers. Day after day we work hard and pay our taxes without even being bothered to ask if the reforms are [...]

What’s Wrong With My Social Presence?

It is a lazy Sunday morning and you somehow manage to drag yourself to the neighborhood daily store. You are greeted by a band of bored staff and to top it, the bread is out of stock or hasn’t arrived as yet.You reach the freezer and the milk [...]

HP Labs Personalized Video App- A Review

HP Labs recently launched its personalized video beta app for users. The app which is in beta phase has been designed to increase the online video experience that is already creating quite a buzz in Inida. HP’s new app allows you to create channels [...]