May 2011

LinkedIn Company Pages Are Long Term Investment For SME.

If you are an SME and serious about your customer and believe in the power of social media, then are you using LinkedIn Company Pages? LinkedIn, undoubtedly the planets biggest professional network revolutionized itself when it introduced Company Pages. [...]

Interview with the authors of ‘Social Media Simplified’

And finally there’s a book that talks about the social media scene in India with case studies of Indian brands. Now thats quite a welcome change for social media enthusiasts so accustomed to the Kawasaki’s and Solis’s! We were already [...]

Automated DM’s-Any Buyers?

Twitter is a big funfair where you are excited to connect to all kinds of people. Though there is a Klout score that acts as a benchmark, you really don’t care much just as we don’t. All this amazing experience goes down the drain when you see an [...]

Farm2Kitchen-Farm to Kitchen via Facebook

LIFE MADE SIMPLER-Farm2Kitchen Ever thought of this, your daily grocery list being delivered at your door step. Well we are not talking about your local shopkeeper who delivers your mundane items once you ring him up. But we are talking about fresh, juicy [...]

Company Buzz-Follow The Buzz On LinkedIn

What is Company Buzz? Apps make your experience more efficient and engaging which is a sublime rule for it to survive. Company Buzz, a twitter powered app brings all the buzz of your past and present companies on LinkedIn. Company Buzz sucks the entire [...]

Only You Can Start Your Dormant Blog

You blogged for a while, enjoyed it with your online community, online friends became your offline friends and suddenly you chose not to blog anymore. Nothing surprising, bloggers do this often. Some get bored; some achieve their purpose and some moved to [...]