April 2011

Do You Buffer your Tweets?

How many tweets do you send in a day? Is it 5, or if you are an addict like us, then you might do 10 or maybe you beat Guy Kawaski too! Whatever the count, 140 characters have redefined how we share content with our community. But the problem with [...]

Have You Booked Your Deal With Rediff Deal?

Deals or discounts on products is liked by everybody offline or online. Coincidentally, Facebook and Rediff launched their deal sites at the same time. Though Facebook with a 500+ user connection has a huge prospect globally for deals but even Rediff deal [...]

Why Should You Follow Pete Cashmore On Mashable?

FOLLOW TOGETHER Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable has a definite presence on other social media sites but we think that following him on Mashable is a must. In our previous post, we discussed about the new cool Follow button from Mashable. Mashable [...]

Do You Know Facebook Tightening It’s Security?

SECURED? Facebook, the world’s most popular social media networking site has been criticized in the past for not respecting privacy and for being a play ground for hackers. When Zuckerberg’s, Facebook page was hacked it raised more fingers [...]

What The Trend-App For Trending Hashtags

Ever wondered what all the hashtags(#) mean that trend on Twitter. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes even the twitteraties are not aware why a particular hashtag is trending. Like today morning #ddlj was trending in India. You can relate why #saibaba [...]

Why We Think Mashable Follow is Cool?

PETE CASHMORE When we wake up the first thing our hungry mind needs is to know what is going on in the world. We no more wait for the newspapers but we refresh our browser. If you are a social media lover or believer or professional, one site that you [...]