March 2011

Blog Hits- Does it matter?

Do Blog Hits matter to YOU? ‘Blogging is my passion’, is a phrase that all bloggers love to associate with. Writing posts for passionate bloggers involves giving birth to new thoughts, carving it and sharing it with our community. In this creative process [...]

LinkedIn hits 100 Million: What Now?

Make it Happen Growth is inevitable for those who thrive upon this underlying purpose and so has LinkedIn. Being the torch bearer of the professional social media it recently declared its user base of 100 million. It is an achievement for which LinkedIn [...]

How Social Media helps author Ashwin Sanghi…

Ashwin Sanghi, an entrepreneur by profession writes historical thrillers to satiate his soul. He has two books to his credit ‘The Rozabal line’ and ‘Chanakya’s chant’. He has been educated at Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai and St. Xavier’s [...]

Weekly Recap of 21st-26th March, 2011

A thin line and alternate perception of views separates revolutionaries from separatists. Some may call it a conscience call by Barack Obama to support the revolution in Libya and some would look at it with suspicion. No matter whatever the motive, we are [...]

ManageFlitter-Trim your Twitter

New things do excite us but after a while the excitement needs to be streamlined to be of any use. Social media is storage of information and we need to curate it, otherwise it would lead us to a dead end. Twitter is usually defined as an information [...]

Explore ‘Foursquare’s Explore’

Quality content is expected but it should keep on evolving with experimentation. This food for thought holds strong for a blog, product or service. We evolve to survive and so has location based marketing. Facebook Places, Gowalla, Google Latitude, [...]