200 Million Members On LinkedIn, 18 Million From India

About the latest achievement of 200 million members on LinkedIn and India ranking second with 18 million users

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If LinkedIn were a country then it would be – 5th largest country in the world in terms of population, bigger than Brazil and having a population equal to France, UK  and Italy combined.

I am not making these facts but LinkedIn has published these interesting data points on its blog. According to its latest post, LinkedIn has crossed an important milestone as the world’s largest professional network. Today the online network boasts of having more than 200 million members. Not only that the networking giant also revealed that they have representations in more than 200 countries and territories with a capability of serving 19 languages in the world.

US leads the race of maximum number of users on LinkedIn with 74 million and India with 18 million users ranks second. India also surfaces in the top 5 countries on the mobile growth of the platform with China topping the list followed by Brazil and Portugal. The site that approximately registers 2 members per second on the platform is worth mentioning, and over the years has built a platform that is more than a job search portal. However, these 200 million members are the number of user registrations and not the total number of active users on the site.

Deep Nishar, Senior Vice President, Products & User Experience at LinkedIn took this moment to thank the users and elaborate how the platform is changing professional lives of people and adding meaning to it. These are the success stories from members and somewhat resembles the Facebook Stories. Definitely there would be comparisons with Facebook with the latest developments that have been symmetrical by both the networks. However with 200 million members and counting, LinkedIn seems to be miles ahead in the professional networking world.

LinkedIn also shared an interesting infographic to mark this achievement.

LinkedIn 200 Million members