20 Hilarious Tweets On #RahulOnLeave And #WhereIsRahul

Rahul Gandhi goes on sabbatical, Twitter cracks up once again. Curated list of 20 hilarious tweets on #RahulOnLeave And #WhereIsRahul

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Rahul Gandhi and Twitter share a close relationship. Whenever the Gandhi scion does something or opens his mouth, Twitter surely has a party. Twitter comedians known to spare  no one, for the first time have got the support of well known journalists with Rahul Gandhi going on a sabbatical.

Rahul Gandhi, the 44-year-old Vice President of the Congress, is taking a leave of absence from parliament, the party said yesterday. This isn’t the first time people have been searching for Rahul Gandhi on social media (14 Hilarious Tweets On “Where Is Rahul Gandhi”), but the present news comes at a time when the opposition (to be read as the Congress party) is prepping for a major campaign to challenge the government’s overhaul of land acquisition rules. At a time when the country’s oldest political party is losing ground in the country, Rahul’s leave has raised to many questions on the party and its future ahead.

While the speculation is that the VP of the Congress party has left for a holiday in a fit of rage as he has not been allowed to restructure the party they run. However, Congress Chief and Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi has clarified to NDTV that Rahul has taken the vacation as he wants to think and to assess his role.

Party sources have also denied that the break by Rahul indicates any reluctance on his part to lead the party or renounce politics, the buzz goes that the Congress vice-president was not quite okay with a number of his ideas not being implemented in the parent party after he took over as its VP in January 2013. “He will utilize the sabbatical time to reflect, regroup and chart out the course” for the party, which braces for the AICC session in April, where Congress is likely to come up with a revival roadmap,” the sources said.

The party’s effort to downplay the incident had no effect on Twitter; #WhereIsRahul has been trending since yesterday. Today from early on in the day. #RahulOnLeave has been trending.

Listed below are the hilarious tweets on #WhereIsRahul

Listed below are the hilarious tweets on #RahulOnLeave