20 Hilarious Tweets By Brands After Uruguay’s Luis Suarez Bites Giorgio Chiellini

Uruguay's Luis Suarez Bites Giorgio Chiellini in the last match between Uruguay and Italy. There after Suarez trends for all the wrong reasons and brands join the party

Luis-Suarez_bites meme

The last encounter between Italy and Uruguay would be remembered for three things. One - Italy travels back home as they are knocked out of the World Cup 2014, Two - the biting incident from Luis Suarez, the star forward for Uruguay’s soccer team and Third - brands on Twitter chipping in and having fun on the controversy.

Visuals clearly show that Luis Suarez who has the habit of biting fellow opponents, bit defender Giorgio Chiellini inside Italy’s box. Uruguay won the crucial match but Suarez became the villain on the Internet. #BanSuarez has been trending on Twitter and the online media has been filled with the controversy and Suarez memes.

Brands who are eying every little space while the games are on, grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Below is the list of 11 such brands who used the incident to spread humor along with some promotion too. The data was pulled out with the help of Unmetric, the brand monitoring product.

1. McDonald’s Uruguay: The tweet in Spanish happens to be the most re-tweeted tweet on the Suarez biting incident. The brand has invited Suarez to give a bite to big Mac.

2. Nandos UK: Grabbing the opportunity, the brand has asked Suarez to stick his teeth into something really tasty where tasty refers to its mouth tempting chicken, fries and rice.

3. Snickers: The chocolate brand known to calm your hunger shared that they are tastier than Italian (to be read as Chiellini).

4. Whataburger: The brand tweeted that Suarez wouldn’t be so hungry if he had Whataburger for the game. They could have tagged Suarez so that he remembers this for the next game.

5. BuzzFeed: The brand emphasized that Suarez did it again. No grumpy cat memes for Suarez, that is surprising from BuzzFeed.

6. PizzaExpress: The pizza brand was keen to offer Suarez a gift card for pizza asap since he has been on a biting spree.

7. McDonald’s Brazil: The burger chain in the hosting country didn’t miss out on the fun and reminded Suarez that it is just Thursday.

8. PizzaExpress India: The only Indian brand that got into the list has offered Suarez to bite the famous Calabrese pizza. Not a bad invite considering it is Italian.

9. Domino’s Pizza UK: The pizza brand was regretting that no one told Suarez about it’s #TwoForTuesday, he could have pizza for dinner instead.

10. Cinnamon Toast Crunch: The brand stated that biting is only okay when you are made of sugar and cinnamon. The brand also raised its voice by supporting #BanSuarez.

11. Cleaveland Indians: The brand requested people not to bite like Suarez, instead bite into their offerings.

Real time marketing at its best.

Disclaimer: Unmetric is an advertiser at LI.