1. Amul Vs Neha Tomar Facebook Fight - Customer Responds To The False Allegations By Amul: Neha Tomar, the customer in a guest post says how the allegations made by Amul India to malign the brand on Facebook are baseless. Read more here.

2. 3 Unanswered Questions In The Amul Vs. Neha Tomar Facebook Fight: Amul India recently alleged that Neha Tomar had deliberately used an expired product to malign the brand online, but now it looks like Amul is also guilty. We list down three unanswered questions from the case. Read more here.

3. Find Out What This Brand Had To Say When A Customer Tried To Malign It On Facebook: A frustrated customer expresses dissatisfaction over an Amul milk brand on Facebook, Amul investigates to reveal that the customer is knowingly maligning the brand on Facebook. Read more here.

4. Cyclone Hudhud Destruction In Pictures Shared On Social Media: Cyclone Hudhud that made landfall near Vishakhapatnam on Sunday has caused a massive destruction to the infrastructure of the state. Social media users share pictures of devastation. Read more here.

Vizak HudHud Cyclone 13

5. This Is How Andhra Pradesh CM Is Using Technology & Social Media To Rebuild Cyclone Hudhud Hit Areas: Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu is using social media and technology to steer the relief work in Vizag which was recently hit by the devastating cyclone Hudhud. Read more here.

6. 13 Hilarious Tweets On #TharoorSacked: Twitter gets funny as Shashi Tharoor is dropped as Congress party spokesperson for having praised PM Narendra Modi once too often. Read more here.

7. Himani Kapadia On Mobile Marketing And Challenges In The Digital Industry [Video]: Video interview with Himani Kapadia, Managing Director at Digitas LBi India on mobile marketing, challenges in the digital industry and client perspective on digital. Read more here.

8. HP Strives For A Youthful Makeover Through #BendTheRules: HP India has launched ‘Bend the rules’ as part of its global campaign where stories of young achievers are being celebrated, one can share their own stories of achievement too. Read more here.

9. A Detailed Look At The IRCTC Connect Android App For Booking Railway Tickets: Detailed review of the IRCTC Connect Android App which was launched recently for booking railway tickets on the go. Read more here.

10. How A Premium Chocolate Was Launched With A Personalized Touch On Digital: The India debut of premium chocolate brand, Cadbury Glow saw a digital and social media powered launch, that is aided by a website that helps personalize your chocolate gift. Read more here.

11. Philips Wants You To be Bold, Rebellious And Trimmed #LikeABrat: For Philips Trimmer promotions, the brand has launched #LikeABrat campaign that introduces consumers to the brat philosophy through a microsite, an ad film, memes, lingo and social media activities. Read more here.

12. How A Matchmaking Service Grew Its Registration By 20X Using Insightful Pictures [Case Study]: TrulyMadly social media casestudy by Drizzlin provides an overview of the medium, activities and impact on the Breaking Stereotypes campaign. Read more here.

13. Seven Reasons Why Social Media And Digital Marketing Events Are [email protected]#$%^& Up In India - @sachinuppal: Sachin Uppal who attended the recent Social Media Week event in Mumbai lists down six primary reasons why the event was a big fail. Read more here.

14. 7 Cool Ways Wills Lifestyle Used Instagram For Its Fashion Week: 7 cool ways in which Wills LifeStyle India Fashion Week used Instagram along with Facebook and Twitter to bring the excitement of the event to its followers. Read more here.

15. Four Campaigns With Influencer Marketing Done Right: Four Indian campaigns that leveraged online influencers for a new product launch or to build brand awareness amongst their followers. Read more here.

16. Why Lenovo Trapped These Popular Twitter Influencers Inside A Box: For its Yoga tablets, Lenovo India launched an interactive video-based storytelling digital campaign called #yoga2bFree using 4 Twitter influencers who are trapped inside a box setting, and need to be set free by users. Read more here.

17. Why TVF Talk Show With SRK Marks The Beginning of Native Video Advertising For Bollywood: Why the web talk show of the Viral Fever with Shah Rukh Khan just before the release of Happy New Year marks the beginning of native video advertising in Bollywood. Read more here.

18. Why Emami Created The League Of Interesting Men [Case Study]: A case study on Emami’s ‘League Of Interesting Men’ digital campaign for He deodorant to build deeper engagement and establish the brand philosophy of ‘Be interesting’. Read more here.