18 global digital marketing campaigns that you should read this week

Global campaigns of last week - Refinery29 is expanding in Europe, Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline, Samsung Touchable Ink, Time Inc. is expanding its contributor networks, and more

How Refinery29 is expanding in Europe: Refinery29 has an 11-person editorial staff in London, where it launched nine months ago; it has a six-person editorial team on the ground in Berlin following its start in early June. Both countries have local sales and marketing departments. Next up in Europe: France.

Bloomberg Media to provide news on Japan’s LINE: Bloomberg Media has launched an official account on LINE, providing daily news content on one of Japan’s largest messenger platforms. It will include a selection of global business headlines, market news, analysis, technology coverage and features curated by Bloomberg’s Japan newsroom and its Asia-based digital team.

Sony Bravia Balloons and Glitter: Sony has launched a new advertising campaign which showcases the incredible picture quality of its new range of Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR TVs. Shot in 4K, the Sony Bravia Balloons ad brings to life a forgotten, derelict casino in Constanta, Romania, using 4000 balloons and over 1500 KG of glitter in the visually enchanting setting.

Why Time Inc. is expanding its contributor networks: Time Inc. is increasing its reliance on outside contributors as it seeks to grow its digital footprint and serve ad partners. The magazine publisher behind People, Time and others is launching two products, Springboard and Time Inc. Connect, meant to help editors source content from contributors, some for traditional editorial content and some for native or branded content.

Tecate Beer Wall paid for by Mexico: Tecate, the Mexican beer brand, is running Tecate Beer Wall, an advertising campaign spinning off Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall between Mexico and the USA. The Wall, a commercial filmed just outside the border town of Tecate, begins with establishing shots which give the impression of a towering structure running in either direction for miles.

Johnnie Walker enlists Alexa and Facebook Messenger bots for cocktail-mixing: The Diageo-owned whisky brand is the latest marketer to launch on Amazon’s smart speaker Echo, giving you everything from personalized whisky-tasting tours to cocktail recipes. All you have to do is tap Echo’s voice service Alexa and say “Alexa, open Johnnie Walker.”

How Slate tried to wean itself from fly-by Facebook visitors in favor of loyal regulars: Traffic from Facebook was fluctuating widely, contributing anywhere from 24 percent to 35 percent a month. So Slate, which turned 20 this year, decided to start optimizing to reader loyalty, seeing it as a better way to prove its distinctiveness to advertisers. It identified a set of metrics that stand for loyalty and set a goal of increasing them by at least 20 percent this calendar year. To get there, Slate didn’t do anything fancy. It mostly just created content people wanted to come back for on the regular.

What the Associated Press has learned from a year of VR: For a little over a year, the Associated Press has produced 20 virtual reality and 360 videos across a broad range of topics. From breaking news like the terrorist attacks in Nice, France, in July this year, to the Rio Olympics, to lifestyle-feature stories on luxurious hotels and apartments, and science and technology stories on Alzheimer’s disease, the AP has aimed to put its audience directly inside the story. All the videos live on an “AP 360 Videos and Virtual reality” web page, as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Audi Duel – Presidential Debate: Audi USA has provided a dramatic take on the lead up to the2016 US Presidential elections with “Duel”, a commercial released to coincide with the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Absolut is launching an online art marketplace: Absolut Vodka is taking a break from the bar to get into the art dealing business. Absolut Art, an online retail platform for small-batch original edition artworks by global artists created for Absolut, will launch in the U.S. on October 5. Collectors can shop for pieces, which cost between $130 to $10,000, with $20 shipping and free returns. The pieces, pre-framed, ship in an Absolut-branded box within 48 hours. The marketplace launched in Europe last year.

Snapchat is now one of National Geographic’s key social media revenue drivers: National Geographic has an impressive social media story to tell, not least because it can claim number one media brand on Instagram, but it’s Snapchat is already driving revenue for the business.

Why Coach ditched its mobile app for iMessage: When Coach released its iOS app in 2014, apps were all the rage. A lot has changed in two years. “The app is no longer viable” said Dana Randall, Coach’s head of innovation, at an Advertising Week panel on Monday morning. “We weren’t getting the usage we needed to keep updating it.”

HSBC taps into freshers fortnight with Snapchat geofilters across the UK: HSBC and We Are Social have launched a Snapchat geo-filter campaign targeting new students during freshers fortnight. A total of 14 different Snapchat geofilters will be activated across 170 universities from 26 September through to 9 October.

McDonald’s Is Creating 5,000 Pieces of Marketing Content This Year: CMO Deborah Wahl talked about the burger-slinger’s revamp this morning during the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s IAB Mixx Conference. Specifically, she called out some of the brand’s work on Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube as examples of the chain’s successful digital work.

Samsung Touchable Ink: Samsung and Thailand Association of the Blind have worked with a chemistry professor at Thammasat University to develop Touchable Ink, a project in which laser printers are able to print braille-embossed documents. The Touchable Ink, still in its early days, involves a chemical process to adding embossing powder to the laser printing ink. Users just replace their ink cartridge with the Touchable Ink cartridge, change the selected document to braille font type, print out and heat it with normal household heating devices like microwave or hair dryer.

Western Sydney University Unlimited Graduates: Western Sydney University’s commercialfeaturing graduate Deng Thiak Adut, has won the Film Grand Prix and Music Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia Awards held in Singapore. From a child soldier in the Sudanese Civil war to becoming a leading member of the Sudanese community and refugee lawyer in the suburbs of Western Sydney, Deng Adut’s story is a phenomenal achievement of one man’s dedication to helping others less fortunate in the face of great adversity.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline: Qualcomm’s short film, Lifeline, has won the Entertainment Grand Prix at the Spikes Asia 2016 awards held in Singapore. The 30 minute Qualcomm Snapdragon Lifeline film is a product demo disguised as a psychological thriller. Kai, a young Chinese man who is the heir to a pharmaceutical fortune, wakes up in Shanghai one morning to discover that his true love, an American woman named Emma, has vanished without a trace. Confused and distraught Kai fears she has left him until he receives a mysterious package containing Emma’s phone.