17 major updates from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram & Snapchat

Digital platform updates - Google and Salesforce interested in acquiring Twitter, Google launches cross-device retargeting, Facebook’s advertiser count surpasses 4 million brands, and more

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Some publishers appear to be cooling on Facebook Instant Articles: Newswhip looked at several publishers’ posts to Instant Articles during a five-day period (Sept. 16-20). During that limited timeframe, it found that while some publishers including The Huffington Post, Mic and Washington Post are essentially all in on the format, other early adopters (BBC News, National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal) barely seem to be using Instant Articles at all recently.

8 Stats That Show How Huge an Opportunity Instagram Is for Sports Marketers: This morning, execs from Instagram and the NBA were part of an Advertising Week panel called “From the Olympics to the Pick-up Game: Instagram Talks Sports.” They revealed these eight intriguing data points that show the power of sports on social media.

Kik Is Now Letting Users Interact With More Than One Chatbot in the Same Conversation: Today, the Canadian messaging app is rolling out a new line of fashion and beauty bots that will be able to help users decide on styles of clothing or makeup—both by themselves or in conversations with friends—in way that could help drive sales for brands like H&M, Sephora and Victoria’s Secret.

Google updates Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides with machine intelligence features: Today — in conjunction with Google’s Horizon business-oriented cloud computing conference, where it announced the formation of the Google Cloud brand — Google introduced new features for some of the Google apps that are now under the umbrella brand name G Suite. Google is using artificial intelligence to enhance Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and Google Calendar.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft are partnering to boost public awareness of AI: The biggest names in tech are teaming up to form a new organization dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of machine learning. The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society (aka the Partnership on AI) is a non-profit whose members include Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft.

Twitter officially opens up Moments to everyone: Today Twitter is officially opening up Moments so that anyone can curate their own topic-based feed of tweets. A combination of social content curation service Storify, Facebook’s Canvas and Snapchat’s Live Stories, Moments could be poised to become the social network’s unique spin on Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, if enough people use it.

In the shadow of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter take potshots: While Facebook plays down the embarrassment of miscalculating average video watch time on its platform, some of itscompetitors are taking to Advertising Week to tout their advantages over the social behemoth — without naming Facebook specifically, of course.

Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr Just Launched Their Own Voter Registration Day Campaigns: Today—on National Voter Registration Day—Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter have debuted in-house initiatives to get potential voters registered ahead of national, state and local elections happening in just a few weeks. (Today, Twitter also began running its own promoted #iRegistered hashtag as a way to get users to take a few minutes to register.)

Germany to WhatsApp — stop sharing private user data with Facebook: A month after the messaging giant made a controversial decision to share member information with parent company Facebook, Hamburg’s data protection commissioner has weighed in on the controversy. And unsurprisingly, it has taking the side of angry consumers who worry that their privacy is at risk with these new practices.

Facebook’s advertiser count surpasses 4 million brands, with 20% buying video ads: Back in March 2016, you might remember Facebook announcing that three million businesses actively advertise on its social network. Well, now that number is four million. That’s one million advertisers added in less than seven months.

AppNexus Inks Deal to Sell Display Ads on LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the latest publisher to adopt AppNexus’ sell-side platform, opening up premium desktop inventory to marketers through real-time bidding, the company said Tuesday.

Active on Periscope? Become a VIP: Twitter is rewarding its loyal Periscope users.Announced today, the Periscope VIP program is intended for broadcasters who are actively engaged, giving them access to benefits and recognition within the community. Plus, Periscope promises that its biggest influencers will unlock even more achievements as they grow their audience.

How many videos top publishers post daily to Facebook, YouTube: Facebook’s video platform is out of the petri dish and approaching parity with YouTube’s dominant digital video service. Top cross-platform video publishers like BuzzFeed, NowThis and Tastemade are posting more videos a day to Facebook than to YouTube, according to an analysis of their respective main YouTube channels and Facebook counterparts.

Google (finally) launches cross-device retargeting: Soon advertisers will be able to reach users across devices with Google remarketing campaigns. This is a significant development, as Google has not previously supported cross-device retargeting.

With Spectacles, Snap Inc. eyes augmented reality future, raw reality present: Snap Inc.’s freshly unveiled video-recording glasses, Spectacles, are like a pair of bifocals for the future of the company that owns but is no longer limited to Snapchat. The face-cameras appear to bring into focus how Snap Inc. is preparing for the future while also trying to secure its present opportunity.

Snapchat Wants to Help Register Users to Vote in November: Today until Oct. 7, the social media app will be running in-house public service announcement ads to promote voter registration. The ads, which feature celebrities including Jared Leto, Ciara, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson, encourage U.S. adults to vote in their national, state and location elections. The initiative is a partnership with TurboVote, an online service focused on raising voter turnout.

Google and Salesforce are reportedly interested in acquiring Twitter: According to Recode, Google and Salesforce have expressed interest in buying the beleaguered social network to the tune of billions of dollars. And the deal’s moving fast — formal bids may be submitted in a matter of weeks.